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oh hell yes

time to throw some change together and get a prepaid card

how dare you make such a dope looking game without a linux binary

i am now envy


so much praise but no linux version :'(

i wanna try this one so bad

20 gigs of hs on 400 gba carts

i use 

neat lil room

had fun

nice bops

run button does not change speed
room is perhaps too lil
egbert looks at me like they're angy


this was the cutest game ive ever played aaaaaaa

ive got a friend i wish i was still in touch with so that i could just show em this


ChromeOS don't like Mozilla.

Yees, the funy glitch i described here

Seems a tad unoptimized, and it's noticeably slowing down in songs. (Web build)

I'm sure that theoretically, one could allow the two flies to move in just a specific way to move you into a clear spot, and then let you jump on them for like 70 times in a row, but that's ridiculous. 

Oh, DW about it! It's all good, and I don't mind waiting. Take your time :>

lol im reporting them

oh dang 

homestuck game

too bad im not using windows :<

Did you know that you can get to the top of the map without using any webs, or the arrow keys? Hehe.

I know that, but even with everything else closed, it still is borderline unplayable in bigger maps. I think this is an optimization issue, rather than one that originates from me and me alone; although my low ram and poor processor on this Chrome OS piece of garbage is certainly not helping.

you can get to the roof with a web and yourself lol

hell yeah, this is cool! beat default settings with 1 bomb hit, and 1 & 3/4ths hearts left.

I believe you mispelled 99

I would use literally anything else but this is what i got aaaaa

I normally have like, maybe around 5-10 tabs open while playing; there was one part in Deep Town where I had to close out all my tabs other than the one I was playing the game with in order to get past. I can't run anything else in the background: it's a web browser; not really an OS lol.

pico-8 is VERY limited to program in: they likely ran out of physical space, considering how much is there.

hecc yes i have the choccy milk 
ty half evil frog

the link you posted works fine??

No like, after completing all there is to complete, have this menu unlocked. Not during normal play or anything.


pog time to start stalking this again

No problem :>

If you're playin online, turn input delay down, and close out all other tabs.  I'm not sure if analogue jump helps or hurts gameplay, but it's something to consider. I've made it all the way through the current game in the WebGL version, on a Chromebook.


Not really, Peridot from Homestuck Steven Universe.

Like, whenever the player has all the stuff, you should unlock a way to teleport to whatever area, and edit what abilities they have, for fun. Also because I wanna go back to the start and mess with stuff haha

spam gun lol

Ok, so: I was in Deep Town, in the area underneath the guy you give the cigarettes to. I had saved at the statue in Deep Town, and I No-Waved into the pool of water next to me, because I couldn't make the jumps to get back up. (The game plays like a 5-15 fps slideshow at this place.) Once I respawned, I was in a random wall, presumably above the map, next to a blank spot.

It looked like this, X=wall, P=player, _=open


I was in the praying state, and I couldn't move. I then tried to go to the menu screen and go back in, but I realized that I could move!

I pressed continue, and I think it put me at that same position in the game, still going down.

I fiddled with it while recording, and here is that video.

After freezing for like a minute, it spat this out.

A reload of the page fixed all this, but damn that was wonky haha.

No problem! As I progress through the game, I'll note out any more problem areas here, though I'm pretty sure it's tied to map size.

(It is still bad though. that precision segment with the slime blocks had me close all my tabs and turn my input buffer down to 2, and it still took like 10 minutes to get past)

@sevencrane think i figured out what was causing it, and it's kinda dumb. i have dvorak and qwerty, and i switch between them with ctrl+space. guess i hit that when i was messing around at the water, and just now as well; lol