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The dance at the end was amazing. The questions were fun (or the few that there were - a slightly larger variety would be nice). And the slight story was weird. Overall, I actually really enjoyed this little game! Gameplay from 9:18 to 12:44

So, as I mentioned, I do quite like the music. Some of the wording could do with some fixing, but overall I thought it was a pretty decent RPGMaker game that has quite a few things to interact with unlike other games. Gameplay from 2:21 to 9:17

So, this was a bit of a weird game. Seems alright, though. Gameplay from 0:08 to 2:19

Wow! At the start I was literally like 'this is terrible, I don't know what's happening, my eyes don't understand this *whine whine whine*'. After a little bit, I fell in love with this game as I learnt how it worked and I'm actually really excited to see where this is headed. Gameplay from 16:00 to 22:09 (Fantastic game, by the way. Just thought I would point that out)

Sliding block puzzles are very annoying (or at least I think they are, hence why I was quite harsh to this game), but I thought that the images and animation were quite nice. A nice little game all in all. Gameplay from 9:33 to 13:51 ('A terrible name for a terrible game' was not accurate... okay, maybe the terrible name part is slightly, purely because I couldn't actually remember the title)

I rather liked this game once I got into it and thought it was both fun and challenging. Excited to see some more levels or something! Gameplay from 3:36 to 9:32

There is a bit of an interesting game here that I think could be quite good when its fleshed out. I quite enjoyed myself, even if I was a bit confused. Gameplay from 0:08 to 3:35

Well, I now have a (slightly) upgraded computer that seems to run Unreal Engine games a bit better, so I shall be giving this a proper go at some point!

Yes, I will try playing it again with my slightly upgraded computer, which hopefully won't destroy Unreal Engine games!

Okay, I actually loved this game! I think it's very fun and enjoyable, and as I said in the video, it reminds of Antichamber with guns and Daleks! Keep in mind that I recorded this about two weeks ago, but I will definitely be playing the updates myself as they come out! Gameplay from 12:23 to 19:00 (I believe I finished all of it in that time)

Only problem was that it was very slow, but as its a demo I wasn't expecting much! I am quite interested in what story or gameplay elements will be added (I recorded this about two weeks ago, so there may have been updates). Gameplay from 7:47 to 12:22

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew. Gameplay from 5:20 to 7:46

I rather enjoyed this, even if I had no idea what FBLA was! Gameplay from 0:08 to 5:19

I actually really enjoyed this game (even though I played it without playing it...) Gameplay from 15:54 to 20:39

This was another weird game (which this video seemed to be full of). I had real idea what I was doing, so maybe if there was a sense of direction or controls then I would be able to play the game? Gameplay from 14:10 to 15:53

This was a very strange game that looks promising if more were to be added. Also, I am very harsh when playing these games, so don't hate me :( Gameplay from 12:52 to 14:09

Oh, dear. This was a game. Actually quite amusing when it didn't die for me. Gameplay from 11:24 to 12:51

This game was weird... But I thought it was actually quite amusing! Gameplay from 7:09 to 11:23

Unfortunately lots of reading which doesn't work for gameplay videos... But I did enjoy the story and played it slightly more afterwards. Gameplay from 0:08 to 4:07

So, this turned out to be a pretty neat puzzle game that I actually really enjoyed! Chill, interesting and fun, I wish there was more to it! I didn't finish the game in this video, but it served as my thumbnail, so that's cool. Gameplay from 13:11 to 19:58

I actually really enjoyed this game once I figured it out! Gameplay from 7:21 to 13:10

So, lagged a lot. Motion blur hurt. Yep. Loved the Roomba, though. Gameplay from 6:06 to 7:21

Once I figured out what was happening I enjoyed quite a bit! Gameplay from 0:35 to 6:05

Um... So, I tried to play this game. Didn't load, exactly. Gameplay from 0:08 to 0:34

'This game made me very angry but didn't do much' about sums it up! Anyway, I did play it a while ago, so it may have been updated. Here is some gameplay anyway - 15:07 to 18:27

Only played a short snippet of the game, but found myself rather enjoying it! Gameplay is from 10:01 to 15:06! Also, the game served as inspiration for the title and thumbnail, so that must mean something!

So, this turned out to be a clicker game when I was expecting a trivia game... Was I disappointed? Definitely not! I do love me a good clicker game. Here is a rather short snippet of the game from 4:49 to 10:00

I happened to play this for my Random Game Time series and thought it was pretty decent! Gameplay for this is from 0:09 to 4:48