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when in the lock menu, you can lock everything, and unlock precision (click the numbers, they change to '!'s when locked). 

i mean.... it works.

dwayne... he is becoming more powerful than danny devito..

You... you absolute madman.

When my computer gets up and running, this is 100% going onto it. 


ahhh, got it. thank you!

No problem! And thank you for actually considering my ideas, it really means a lot to me! :D

(1 edit)

i LOVE this game so much! i hope that you can get more music in the game, like a radio! thank you so much!

quick edit: my friend got the the electro swing stage, how do i get to that? is it a high score thing?

Honestly, this is so fun! I'm still working on beating it at the moment, but here's an idea for some classes:

Ultimate + Passive: Singular straight blast

Primary: Spray for Blast

Secondary: Rapid Fire Blast

NECROMANCER (maybe an alternative wizard... or just unlocks in Endless after like 50 rounds of pain)

PASSIVE: Weak Beam

Primary: Revive 1 Fallen Enemy, have them fight for you

Secondary: Stronger Beam

Ultimate: Revive ALL fallen enemies from the round.


Passive: Short Range spray blast
Primary: Stronger blast
Secondary: Hits in 2 directions, right and left
Ultimate: High range medium damage blast.

Let me know on how these are.

Quick thing: You can fly over the black void of hell. Just wanted to let you know.

sell the boy.

kill the snake.

become GOD.