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LMAO nice. I was wondering if there was something up with spawn rates. One more thing to note: the new Time Keeper enemy continues to softlock the game when encountered for me, as it for whatever reason just breaks the UI.

Really glad to see this is still being  updated, because I've thoroughly loved what's available here. Interesting that monster synergies aren't shown at the beginning of the game anymore.

Also worth noting that I'm almost at 100 runs (the vast majority of which were abandoned before a game over lmao) and I've only managed to find the elusive Chip ONCE.  Even when I did I still didn't manage to even get it evolved at all. The search continues!

The Shaman's  ability "reversing the loop" is misleading- I figured it would make the loop go in reverse, but it just restarts the loop entirely. Not a bad thing at all, per se, but that should probably be reworded.

This is a neat little game! The whole sense of humor feels super cynical and I kinda love it for that. I'm going to be keeping an eye on this to see how it develops.

Hello! This mod is phenomenal and I pretty much use it religiously when I play this game. I'm just reporting a bug with the Urumi item- the upgraded version doesn't reduce countdowns on odd-numbered dice like it's supposed to.

Oh, man, I love the concept behind this. The pixel art is delightful, and I particularly like how each character's game style is incorporated into their attacks and skillsets. I do hope this gets developed further- if not, it's still a neat little demo all the same!

I have the Carry perk turned on for all of my settlers, and I have zones set up, but for whatever reason my settlers just won't move any of the items to their respective zones, and it's getting in the way of building, as the items that should be moved are blocking access to building walls, floors and props.

Is this a bug, or is there something I'm doing wrong?