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This game seems cool but it be taking absurd amounts of time to respond, and it occasionally says its processing too many responses or something. Idk what all that means, but is there a way to make it respond faster? Like it's 2 ish minute waits.

Very cute and charming.

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After T needs to take a trip, the game just kinda stops for me. I mean, I have an adblocker, but not uBlockOrigin. Idk what to do, but the game seems fine so far. I'd like to see how it ends.

Edit: Also in the scenes where they try to use my personal information, it's just blank. I do not use a VPN or anything like that as I am playing this, and I've paused my adblocker.

Analog horror typically does not get to me- it feels as though I'm often watching a series of randomly generated events. It never really interests me. This was different. Playing through something of this style was genuinely very unsettling- I can't explain it. The entire time I felt like it was gonna say something a little too personal. I hesitated to answer some of the initial questions because they were just- you know- unsettling. Well made game, keep up the good work. 

I'm sorry for the late response; It's very rare that I check itchio. I enjoyed the simplicity. It was a bit easy to master the flow of the game, but that's not always an awful thing. Easy to master while still being fun- it makes you feel powerful, I guess. There was something also neat about seeing all the enemies piling up the deeper you got lol. I'm not very good at articulating my thoughts- but I hope this helps in some way, even if it is late.

Great game. I played for 90 minutes straight.

Bruh I really just created a whole account to say that this game was an absolute BANGER. I hope y'all finish the final thing cuz y'all know I'm waiting and when I got the cash I will gladly donate.