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Hi there, we're using Godot 4 as our engine, sadly we're not planning to do a WebGL build

Hello there, what's is the licensing of those tracks?

I've used these in my game! They're awesome and everyone should support LYASeeK

Hi there! I still didnt get around to update this, sorry :(

Hey there! Are you up for commisions? I would love to hire you for a few sprites and basically use all of your sprites as pets/skins in my game :o

That's fine, we kinda managed to create a pallette out from your sprites to have some color to keep all coherent. Thank you so much for your packs! They fit our needs perfectly :)

Hi there Gowl! I just bought your UI pack and this TileSet pack, is there any chance you would mind sharing your pallete for this pack?

Thanks! It was originally planned to have the cutting board and mixer "break" for a while when you put the wrong stuff onto it :)

Thanks! Your game was amazing as well. 

Thank you! It was a lot of work :)

Thanks for the suggestions, I've added it onto the to-do for the game <3

Mate, I cant implement them as fast as you make those packs D:

My game is close to being playable, and I'll add Elves and Demons to it as unlockable races I guess :D

That's a corner case I never tested, thanks for telling me :)

Nice, gonna keep them as an secret extra in my game :o

My goodnes, I love your art. I've picked up the first 3 through a Bundle and I started making a game with it, I'm about to release a demo in around 2 weeks. And now when I thought I'm finally done implementing those 3 packs I get an info you've done more amazing work and now I have to rebalance things and implement another awesome pack? :O

Keep it up! Kinda sad you're not doing paid commisions. Do you perhabs have Elves planned at some point?

Sadly it's still inside, that bug only happens if you manage to finish all quests and end up with 0 carrots in your inventory and 0 seeds because you planted them all.

Yeah, apparentlly that's happening if you complete all quests and end up with 0 seeds and 0 carrots cuz you've planted everything..
Sadly I'm currently busy with another game, but will come back to Paw's Ranch soonish

Using your pack together with another one, works like a charm! Thanks!


Hi there, kinda missing the license informations?
Is it free to use in commercial projects?

Uh, that's some determination right there. I'll have a look at it, thank you for testing it out! <3

That's a really unlucky roll then, we're going to rework the quests sonn :) Thanks for you feedback!

Hi! Thank you for the comment!

We're currently improving the controls of the game and have some nice little features planned, including to expand to different islands and having pets and more farm elements, we're even thinking about fishing to some degree ;)

Thank you :)

Thank you! We'll keep working on it and release an update this weekend :)

it's really nice of you to support the games made with your pack, go ahead and add Paw's Ranch ;)

We will make sure to let you know if we find anything you could improve <3

Thank you <3

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Thank you!
Actually planned some more stuff, will probably do an update this weekend with tools and booster to purchase :>

Also need to polish the controls a bit, I catch myself wishing for certain things everytime I play 

Used the pack for a game I made within 24 hours called Paw's Ranch <3
The Pack is awesome and super cute and I'm telling everyone where I got it, so I hope you get some sales out of it ;)

Surprised at how well made this is, reminds me of my own RPG Maker days, Love it :)

Hi, I'm gonna use your font in an upcoming game of mine, which is including a lot of books and stuff for UI, so this comes perfect, I'll make sure to credit you ;)

thanks for the feedback! Since we didnt manage to add in audio options I kinda decided to keep the volume of the music a bit low. This will change as soon as we patch the next patch of mini games and a options menu in :)

After your first playthrough you sadly have to reload the page the play again, I'm already aware of that bug but thanks for pointing it out :)

Thanks for the feedback, we totally missed that bug, apparently none of my testers tried to play again x)

thanks for playing ^-^

thanks for the feedback DD :>, sadly the Third Minigame was somewhat rushed and didnt get as much testing done as the others two..
We might need to nerf the bots a bit x)

Thanks for playing! ^-^

Hi there, thank you for the feedback.

Sadly I have to admit that the dance minigames was a lot of trouble and might be a little bit messy. It could also need a better explanition :)