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What a fun and genuinely hilarious little experience! I don't often find games that feature my music, but this is my new favourite. Great job!

This looks hilarious, and I can already think of some additional random effects I'd toss in.

Great minds think alike, I guess.~ The armour thing was just a suggestion. It's fun to think about the things you could do with a ghost character that you couldn't do with a flesh-and-bone one.

Polly (alpha) community · Created a new topic Very Nice

I really enjoyed this, and I'm excited to see it evolve. It's a delight to fly "Polly" around and see how she interacts with things, and it'd be nice to see that built upon as the game takes shape.

There's a lot you can do with a little ghost protagonist, like grates that Polly can pass through but physical objects can't. Maybe she can hide in things and pop out to scare living characters to get them to run onto pressure plates or something, or possess a suit of armour for a temporary physical body. Maybe living creatures can't see Polly at all and she can only scare them by possessing or moving things.

I think the game's controls and physics focus lend better to execution challenges, so it might be a good idea to keep the puzzles relatively simple (though one or two proper head-scratchers would still be good to have - perhaps towards the end of the game, or hiding secrets).

Likewise, I rather like how little we know about Polly and the castle she's stuck haunting, but hints to these mysteries could be littered around the castle. I think environmental storytelling would be a better fit than, say, filling the castle with chatterbox NPCs who dump exposition. Not saying there should be no NPCs - just that it'd be nice to have to piece things together to understand the full story.

Collectables would be a good way to incentivise exploring as much of the castle as possible, and to reward players for finding its secrets.

I had fun exploring this. I've put my feedback in a text file for you.

Brilliant, I'd love to. I've sent you an add request on Discord. I'm currently visiting family, so I'm afraid I won't be online quite as often as usual, but I'll be around when I can.

I think a GIF showing that would be a great way to get across what the game's about.

I'd love to get involved if you want to develop the idea further. I can start spreading the game around and get my friends to have a go (several of them have an interest in game design themselves). I also make music and sound effects, and would love to help with that too as and when you need it, but that would of course be up to you.

My flat mate also liked the idea and is a software/games developer herself, and has also offered additional coding help if it's wanted.

Awesome. I'll keep an eye on here. ^^

Holy crap, this is a fun idea. I had a satisfied grin on my face every time I deployed a gaggle of blocky vikings around my ship and watched them go. There's an awesome game hiding in here. PLEASE keep working on it!

I am intrigued! I'll be interested to see this develop.

Greetings! I really like the look of this game. It's an interesting blend of ideas from other town builders and god games, and I could see it getting really fun.

I have noticed that Creo uses free audio, though. Are you intending to replace this with custom-composed music and sound effects as the project progresses? If so, and if you're looking for a composer, I would be very interested in helping with that.

I don't really have anything super-close to Daniel Birch's style to show, if that's a sound you want to stick to (it certainly fits nicely!), but I could definitely adhere to an understated, relaxing, synth-pad-heavy tone like that. Or, if you wish, add in a few folksy elements to bring it towards something like Age of Empires, or orchestral, for a slightly more RPGish flavour. I would of course work with you closely to make sure the music and sound effects are exactly what you want.

Please, take a look at my website if you'd like to hear some examples of my work. Regardless of whether or not you'd like me to work with you, I wish you the best of luck and success with the game. ^^

Hi! I just played through this, and had a little go on Reunited and a quick look at Descendant, too. You have a charming style and I'm interested to see what else you'll create. If you ever need a composer and/or sound designer, I'm always open for commissions. Please give my website a look if you'd like some examples of my work.

Thanks for reading!

Hi. I had a little play around in the game, and while it's still very rough, I'd say it has potential to become a fun little sandbox. What are the plans for it going forward?

Alright, thank you for your consideration. Whether you come back to SFD or decide to move onto something new, I wish you luck with it. In either case, if you need a composer, feel free to get in touch at any time!

SFD community · Created a new topic SFD Music

Hi! I just wanted to ask... do you have any plans already for adding music to SFD? If not, might you be interested in hiring a composer?

My name's Snowy Fox. I specialise mostly in composing RPG music, and have gained a little notoriety among the RPG Maker community. I can compose in a wide variety of styles, at various levels of apparent fidelity, from rich, modern-sounding orchestral pieces to 8- and 16-bit chiptunes, or hybrids of modern and retro sounds. I greatly value attention to detail, and hold myself to as high a standard as I can at every stage of the creative process. When composing for a developer, I work with them closely, striving to provide a sound that fits their game and is as true to their vision as possible.

Here are a few examples of my work.

If you would like to know more, please have a look at my website. And, if you would be interested, please feel free to contact me, either here on, or by email.

Thank you for your time!