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fox office

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as sam beastie said go throught the local files for the game then run the index.html in your browser if it doesn't work I managed to play throught the whole game this way and it's great definitely worth the price but I received it free so that was awesome

I loved this game it's definitely one of the better games on itch especially love teleporting behind enemies before using the thundersword and wiping everyone off screen

this was some nice quick fun

I'll be honest you could work on this game a whole lot more. Yes it's great it's tons of fun but before you start working on a "polygon hero 2" the things you plan on adding seem like it would be better as an update to the game than a complete remake. This games great but I'm just saying it could be a lot better.

this game is amazing It feels like a better version of mirrors edge I think this would be better if you could make it all neon with no visible graph that might make the games look a bit better

can you make this available for windows please thank you


this game Is really good can't wait till you improve it further try adding planets and being able to land on them there doesn't have to be anything but it would still be cool I dont know why but it seems unique to me in a way please finish it!

pls add more to this game the movement and parkour controls are great but I feel like there isn't enough to do pls add more to this game

about ravenfield being greenlit can you... IF you have ravenfield on steam are you planning on having the game paid for or free? because I would prefer it if you kept it free I think that would add a nice feel to the game knowing the develepor doesn't want to make money off of this but if not thats fine just wondering. :)

by the way if they did add multiplayer they would either A.(get rid of slow mo) or B.(do some serious coding to have slow mo)

add more maps, guns, vehicles and option to choose gore or not also pls add option to add more AI teams