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(I'm on the browser version, on a laptop, if that affects anything)

I understand a good amount of the language, but can't buy anything? The merchants both just respond with "Di. Pu kakan [yobro/besdil]", and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to say a full sentence? I think the issue may be that I can't type a space?

Great game! I just wish there were a level select screen, so you could jump to one you've already done or check the names.

(Also, not to be That Guy, but shouldn't the pawns also be white? We can't capture them, after all, and they move with us)

I swear, these burgers act like buttered toast, always flipping onto their already-grilled side no matter what

Ahh, I see.

Don't the taskmasters and bosses not buff each other?

I pulled out my phone as I was waiting for the game to load and forgot that I was about to play it, so I guess that's a good sign?

Let's play a round of "Is this actually a simple demo with a generic name or a psychological horror game disguised as a demo with a simple name?"

I somehow managed to get two dicks, and I'm not sure how but I DP'd her all by myself

How do I play on mobile? It's only giving me controller instructions and nothing I do works ;~;

Absolutely was

(Speaking of which, can anyone give me a hint on how to make a wire without starting with electricity? I'm stuck on Toss Me Into The Sea)

I won't say what it is, but I hope I can shine a light on the issue

I love this game! I do wish it would get an update, the story mode has been mostly "coming soon" for a long time now, and I'd love a sandbox to experiment without customers and discover recipes. But the look of the game is great, and it really is just an adorable idea! Some of the riddles could be more clear as well, though... 

Take Me To Dinner is a little clearer than a candle. Try combining some clay with something ;3

Yeah, it's a little disappointing

Very fun! A few bugs, and (at least on mobile) I can't find out how to toggle on the incest, but definitely one of the best lewd games out there!

A bug isn't necessarily gamebreaking. This is a test game, and so bugs are to be expected, and positive feedback to the developer can be very helpful. Making the dev aware of a visual bug can be very helpful, as I can attest as someone who has worked on one or two games before. There isn't any need to get mad at people for pointing out something to the developer if they aren't being rude about it.

123 on alien disk mayhem! Still not entirely sure what the green key was for, I didn't use it for anything...

Quite possibly the worst Tetris clone I've ever had the (dis)pleasure of failing at. 10/10, would reccomend.

Subtitles: Drinking sounds