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Speaking of the notebook, I'm curious what other people labeled their tabs. I ended up much more organized than I usually do, lol

My personal tabs were:

  • Blood - Confirmed blood-related family members
  • Profiles - Individuals with enough info that they needed multiple lines.
  • Brands - A list of various companies and brands related to the Roottrees.
  • Books - Books
  • Syrup - Non-blood relatives and unconfirmed/suspected blood relations.
  • Key - Just a list of abbreviations to save space, eg. "RT" for Roottree.
  • Other - Miscellaneous notes that didn't fit other pages

I've finally done it! I got the tree to 100%, first try! It only took me... Multiple weeks. 

I think this is the perfect level of difficulty for a puzzle game; Whenever I got completely stuck, there was another path to go down that ended up either knocking some branch out that was blocking my path, or giving my brain enough of a break to look at other puzzles with fresh eyes. The last few non-blood names were satisfyingly intuitive to all place down at once!

I also LOVE the notebook mechanic, though my one request would be to have either more tabs or scrolling/separate pages under one tab. I ended up having just enough tabs to finish, but some of my writing ended up eye-achingly small due to lack of space. 

Would love to see a sequel / sister game!

First try!

Really super fun game! Love the names, as a conlang nerd I was very happy to see jan toki and jan pona moving in next to each other ^u^

Fun! But, I think I found a bug - Sometimes the game will lag for a bit and, if you move during said lag, stuff can go through walls.

Very fun, but I had the misfortune of trying to play this on a laptop without a mouse. The controls are very much not made for trackpads, and I would love it if there were some way to remap the controls (Two keys, perhaps? Or moving the mouse rather than scrolling?) for those who don't have a scroll wheel.

(Also, I found two of the minigames, but need a hint to find the last one!)

Oh, I think I will animals.

Seems very fun, but unfortunately my brain is far too small to get what the rule is

Very fun! I wish there were some way to see what components your current gun is made of, though - It's a bit painful to buy a new part only to realize that it's replacing something better than you thought it was.

I love the game, but I'm completely stuck! (SPOILERS)


I can't connect the SSECNIRP/ESOR/SREVOL branch to anything else while still leaving all words complete! There's only one letter of wiggle room, but I need two letters to connect it to any existing path! What am I missing?

dick AND ball

Love the game! The challenge packs are really fun, though I think Level 4 of Challenge Pack 1 might be missing a file, and I do wish there were an easier way to navigate Home without going back through each directory... I love everything else about the game, though! Being able to guess passwords based on patterns is always fun, and I'm proud to say that I managed to get Rick's password early and beat Challenge Pack 2 without reading half of the instructions through the power of nerdy references >:)

I absolutely love the feeling of working on ancient computers, and this captures that down to the loud fans and clickity-clacky keys! Makes me want to get my hands on an old Apple and set up an escape room on its file directories...

1. Put every point you can into Softball. Any time it doesn't let you, go for Lucky Charm or Gun & Duct Tape instead.

2. Stand inside of your baseball

3. Profit. I got all the way to lvl. 28 before the enemies got fast enough to kill me from within the ball.

I love the concept, though the fight mechanics are way too complex without an actual tutorial, and the auto-battler is too slow to feel usable.

I didn't consider the game completed until I could get the boss to that highest point and defeat it there. Really fun game, would love to see it expanded into a full project!


That ending gave me such a feeling of power. Terminal illness means nothing when you can BECOME A TERMINAL!!!

Seriously though, such a beautiful game, and such a great way to work with the constraints given! I don't even have words for how it made me feel, it's so rare that a story like this ends in such a powerfully feel-good way!

Most QR scanners will automatically show you the text, and it's actually extraordinarily difficult to get executables such as viruses to run off of only QR codes. Take this video, for example. To run something as simple as Snake, you need an enormous QR code that's nearly impossible to scan.

Wow, not even gonna stick around to help clean up? The broom's right there, M, no reason to be an ass about it

...I could have sworn I tried that before. Makes so much more sense now!!


wait what are you- No stop typing just- The save button is r- oh come on

Is it mean that I like bullying these tiny orange cube babies?

I can't figure out the middle level of the horizontal row of three in the top right. I'm sure there's something I'm missing with the dust mechanics, but I can't seem to get it to work?

This is amazing, I just gonched all over the place

aw dang, downloaded games don't really work on my laptop ;-; 

I'll just have to wait until I get home to play on my PC, then!

(I'm on the browser version, on a laptop, if that affects anything)

I understand a good amount of the language, but can't buy anything? The merchants both just respond with "Di. Pu kakan [yobro/besdil]", and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to say a full sentence? I think the issue may be that I can't type a space?

Great game! I just wish there were a level select screen, so you could jump to one you've already done or check the names.

(Also, not to be That Guy, but shouldn't the pawns also be white? We can't capture them, after all, and they move with us)

I swear, these burgers act like buttered toast, always flipping onto their already-grilled side no matter what

Ahh, I see.

Don't the taskmasters and bosses not buff each other?

I pulled out my phone as I was waiting for the game to load and forgot that I was about to play it, so I guess that's a good sign?

Let's play a round of "Is this actually a simple demo with a generic name or a psychological horror game disguised as a demo with a simple name?"

I somehow managed to get two dicks, and I'm not sure how but I DP'd her all by myself

How do I play on mobile? It's only giving me controller instructions and nothing I do works ;~;

Absolutely was

(Speaking of which, can anyone give me a hint on how to make a wire without starting with electricity? I'm stuck on Toss Me Into The Sea)

I won't say what it is, but I hope I can shine a light on the issue

I love this game! I do wish it would get an update, the story mode has been mostly "coming soon" for a long time now, and I'd love a sandbox to experiment without customers and discover recipes. But the look of the game is great, and it really is just an adorable idea! Some of the riddles could be more clear as well, though... 

Take Me To Dinner is a little clearer than a candle. Try combining some clay with something ;3

Yeah, it's a little disappointing