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Maybe like, turning off the lights, results in a monster chasing you, but that's the only way you're going to escape.

Yeah i noticed that when playtesting the game after 3 hours, didn't have the time to fix it sadly :(

 Got 810 :D

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I mean, if you want to make a game with scratch and publish it on, it will be harder then you think. You can look up on youtube how to publish scratch games on

Thanks! And yeah, i rushed the game. 

Its possible, if you click on the bright colored arrow blocks they would change direction. :)

Lets just say that this game does not cost money, if mr.krabs made this. He would be chargin a ton of money. This game has everything a horror game should have (challenging, scary, exploration, simple to follow story, lore, heartwarming and good gameplay). This comment has minor spoilers so you have been warned. The character development is amazing! How patrick goes in SICKO MODE when someone is trying to hurt or attack his friends. Another thing is when in the ending scene of the anchor way 3541, mr.krabs aka. eugene kills pearl the clone version thinking its his real one (i dont know if pearl was a clone at that time but she probably was) chose pearl and left his money which means that he loves pearl more than money. Im not gonna go long with this comment but heres my last sentence. This game is AMAZING!

Can i make a game where you as a human plant plants but in reverse?

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this game is a waiting for new levels :)

Thank you! 😃 and actually i like your game. Its styled like slender man and the jumpscares man are scary. I have founded all 7 robux witch was Hard.jone doe ;) 

how can i fix that it has no virus because its says its a virus

make demo version

make a new update that you can make your own world