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good game, but I hate how pressing E, which is the interact button, drops the item in your hand

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Acing the krusty krab level is so hard! It feels impossible and i think it even is! And i know you wont update the game so would just going back to a older version and doing the glitch work? Since whenever i go to the bathrooms, dutchman always catches up to the door! And where could i get the older version, since it isn't downloadable anymore

A gamer who has a strict mother it's hard to find a good horror game that is appropriate for a 13 year old on this site. Does anyone know if there are survival horror games that don't have much blood?

Hey Dave! What is your next game gonna be?

That Jumpscare at the end scared the shit out of me!

 Good Game :)

Bro the whole point of trijam is the game must be made in 3 hours or less.

Is it allowed to have for example, you, the player, must make everyone happy but everyone is in a bad mood. So you cheer them up with a pacifist gun! (The gun does not harm the people, it makes them happy, obviously not in an illegal way)

I was thinking of making a game that isn't a horror game but has some horror elements into it (like scaring the player a little bit)

And you used the blueprints?

I'm trying to get started into unreal engine 4 and do you have any tips?

And how long did it take you to learn it?

Excited for the full release!

Can i still submit games in this jam even if i have participated in 2 game jams?

Sorry for making the game way too easy!

Pretty Good Game! But i do think it would've been better if there were sounds

This is amazing for a scratch game! Better than any other scratch pvz game that's for sure!

Maybe like, turning off the lights, results in a monster chasing you, but that's the only way you're going to escape.

Yeah i noticed that when playtesting the game after 3 hours, didn't have the time to fix it sadly :(

 Got 810 :D

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I mean, if you want to make a game with scratch and publish it on, it will be harder then you think. You can look up on youtube how to publish scratch games on

Thanks! And yeah, i rushed the game. 

Its possible, if you click on the bright colored arrow blocks they would change direction. :)

Can i make a game where you as a human plant plants but in reverse?

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this game is a waiting for new levels :)

Thank you! 😃 and actually i like your game. Its styled like slender man and the jumpscares man are scary. I have founded all 7 robux witch was Hard.jone doe ;) 

how can i fix that it has no virus because its says its a virus

make demo version

make a new update that you can make your own world