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Deeper lore is that they are a more contemporary invention, and were never used: the first one was made as a fake medieval artifact by a struggling museum

Awesome thanks! Looking forward to it :3

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eu sei português quando vejo, mas é só isso, existe uma opção de idioma inglês? (não vou perguntar sobre as línguas mais obscuras que conheço) -w-’
desculpas se o idioma é ruim, isso é literalmente apenas o google translate
também desculpe se estou sendo um incômodo, mas o jogo parece legal e sinto que não seria capaz de aproveitá-lo adequadamente se não conseguisse entendê-lo >~<’’

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The freezing is completely visual from what I can tell, I can still here dice clacking around if I click and drag but at this point I’m not optimistic about this getting any attention tbeh :<

This is still an (identical) problem on 22.04

Whenever I open the app, the resolution is all wonky, and it freezes about a second after loading in. I tried running the debug tools, and LinuxPlayer_s.debug crashes silently, while UnityPlayer_s.debug segfaults. Not certain what’s happening as it was working fine several days ago, and all my other unity games are running without issue… I haven’t even updated.

I’ve tried reinstalling multiple times, deleting all custom data, running debuggers… all to no avail. Idk if anyone’s had similar issues and has advice, but I’d appreciate it if it were provided haha -w-’

Was one of my favorite applications :<

Pop!_OS 21.10 AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT AMD Ryzen 5 3600

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I’m attempting to run on linux and all I can see when I try to play the game is a black screen and a crosshair. I can tell the game is loaded in, and the controls are working, because I can hear the water, and footsteps, and make my way out onto the beach, but none of the visuals are properly displaying :<

Oh I figured it out, if I use right click to open up the camera it starts displaying, and when I exit out it’s working. Is this working as intended?

I’ve had a lot of difficulty with reading entire books these past years, and I’ve scarcely managed a few pages.

However, I finished this whole book in less than two days and enjoyed it end to end. Beat Em to crying a couple of times haha. Anyway, I’m glad I decided to check this out! To say it’s my favorite book technically isn’t saying much, but. It kind of managed to open me up to the world of reading, and for that I’ll be forever grateful. Beyond it being an incredibly cute and touching story in which I beat Em to crying a couple times lol

I didn’t ask for it, no. But I’m glad to have it :3

I would <3 a Linux release ;w;