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This was such an amazing short horror game. Also probably the scariest jump scare I have ever experienced. Great job!

Very creepy and interesting game. Loved the story even though I don't really know what was going on. Awesome job!

Very short but loved the style and scares. Great atmosphere as well. Awesome job!

This was fantastic and a great short horror game. The scares were awesome and I loved the multiple endings. Great job!

This was amazing! Loved it and definitely the best Sirenhead game I have seen. Great job!

Didn't even realize I had played some of your other games before but they were fantastic and this one didn't disappoint. Awesome horror game that everyone should check out. Great job!

This was awesome. Fantastic short horror game that gave probably the biggest jump scare I've seen. Great job!

Fantastic short horror game with so many jump scares that got me each time! Great job!

This was so good. I was a huge fan of the shopping list and this was not a disappointment. Fantastic horror game! Great job!

This was amazing! Fantastic short horror game! Great job!

I never played the original so I wasn't sure what to expect but this game blew me away. It was so well done and terrifying. Great job!

Great creepy atmosphere for a short horror game! Nice job!

Very creepy although very short! Nice job!

This was fantastic. I wish it was longer because I could play a full game like this! Awesome job!

This was a really cool short horror game! Great job!

Not too shabby. Loved that their were 3 different endings and the jump scares did get me! Keep it up!

Super creepy short horror game! Great job!

Fantastic horror game. Really well done and super creepy. Great job!

Fantastic horror game! Loved the style and the various endings! Great job!

Really great short horror game! Awesome job!

Fantastic game with great horror atmosphere! Also super depressing. Great job!

This was great. Loved the style a horror atmosphere. Great job!

Fantastic game especially since it's your first. Really looking forward to what you make next!

I liked it. It was a little goofy but still a fun short horror-ish game.

This was awesome. Fantastic horror game!

This was amazing. I loved the style and story and the overall creepy atmosphere you created. Great job!

So cool and great atmosphere! Wish it was longer!

Great short horror game. Gave me some great scares!

This game was such a fantastic horror game. It had a nice classic horror feel and then when it switched to a more surreal horror game it was insane. Great game!

Great game with a fantastic creepy atmosphere!

Fun creepy game. The story was a bit hard to figure out but overall really great.

Really enjoyed it. Not really scary but great story with an awesome style.

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Very fun horror game. You can tell it had some inspiration from P.T. but was done very well. Great job!

Awesome job! Really enjoyed it and it had some great scares!

Great short horror game!

This was so weird but gave such a great creepy horror vibe!

Fun short horror game! Great Job

This was such a fantastic and unique game. I loved it. It gave me a similar feeling of dread that Iron Lung did where you have no idea what's around you till you scan. Awesome job!

This was fantastic. I loved everything about it. The uneasy creepy feeling you get the whole time was awesome. Great scares. It also does such a great job of keeping you hooked as you try to piece together the strange and bizarre story. Amazing job!