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no problem if you can't, thanks for the reply!

Love the app! Nice and clean and does the job with a nice coat of paint on the whole thing. Just got it in the relief bundle, but I was wondering if there was a way to use my purchase on the Android version? Or is that fully separate?

Either way fabulous job! :)


try unity and learn to code in python. Both fairly easy to learn (as far as coding goes) and can produce good results when.done right

soooo many comments! The devs must be thrilled!

no so much a story but a goal would be nice...

them, there are multiple rafts per install?



ios and windows are about as different as you can get. Minecraft took years to get ported and sucked when it did for a very long time. Same prob applies here

could be a bug or an old version

yes. It has the mechanics i liked. I.e. the building mechanics

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Yep. Im not the dev. Just your average forum grammar nazi...

it is free, with optional donations

do you mean the nvidia 3100m? That card is actually 512mb and runs like shit

text file that came with the game

there is rotation. Its the r key

i think there was a mistake. Im not the dev. Im the grammar nazi

in the launch options what did you set the visuals to?

yes, the tream is working on it.


mmm, i like a bit of cooked foot. However im confused, how did you craft mutch scrap? I havent seen it in the crafting menus before!



Hes probably dead by now! XD hope this helps. We. Want. Multiplayer.

or maybe consider using unity multiplayer or another service

i hated rust. I want to keep my house. #BetterRust

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your welcome

try WINE (wine is not an emulator)


i have a second persona, grammar Nazi.


whoops misread your post. Dunno if you can

like the vid, awaiting the next

it be easy, just hold left click

Hi there! I was wondering about the multiplayer feature. I'm really confused. some dev teams say its hard, yet it has been done by a one man team very successfully. he wasn't even 18! I am talking about nelson, the creator of unturned. he developed the entire game single headedly and has remade it twice! you don't need to make servers, just make the game its own host and either get steam greenlight and use their protocol or let people port forward it themselves!