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A member registered Jan 30, 2018

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The game only uses a single CPU core for some reason, whenever I tab into the game core 0 spikes to 100% usage and when I tab out it resumes idling. 

Occasionally when I dash, or almost every time I pick up an item mid-air meant to replenish my dash (gems and such) the game stutters for a few frames, this could be intentional but I REALLY hope it isn't, it makes some sections unnecessarily difficult when you're chaining these dashes together.

I'd also like to know why there's no option to remove the 60 FPS lock in game, the menu works fine at higher FPS so is it an engine limitation? I'm really curious as to why this is.

Really enjoying the game outside these issues, there's bizzare difficulty spikes for some strawberries but I know the assist mode exists for people who have trouble completing everything (truth be told I haven't enabled it once yet out of fear it'll instantly give me some mark of shame styled achievement), which I think is a good inclusion even if I don't plan on using it.