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Who will you be selling physical copies through? This is of your more beautiful work I would love to hold!

Just read through this little treasure, I love it. Simple yet thorough, I’m ready to give this a run through!

hell yes ☠️ ⚔️ 🩸 

sweet action! You thinking of a physical release?

Excellent. I hope people didn’t give you too much flack! Look forward to more of your creations. 

keep my $$ it’s not perfect but I’ve paid more for worse! Stay strong amigo I still like the product. 

Keep it up! 

How do we go about getting our pdf if we bought a physical zine through Kickstarter?

this is also a great addition. Perfect for where my esoteric hermit is right now, on the side of the road about to check out a ruined abbey. 

Sweet a small but needed addition. 

Man oh man, I do love this! Some quality stuff.

This is really badass. Once My bank account recovers from zine quest you got my 25$ physical support. I love wizards of the wastes  and am really really liking the vibe of Blackbirds. Do you have a discord for these game discussions?

The physical zine is awesome! I love your tables and descriptors. 

I bought mine on Exalted Funeral. Just came in the mail today. 

it’s back

Are there any physical copies left anywhere?

looks great. Looking forward to adding this in. 

Awesome! I’m quite excited for this. Got my pledge on Kickstarter. Thanks for sharing. 

alrighty then! I’ll just keep my eyes peeled. I own the PDFs from DriveThru but want the physical compendium! Thanks for responding. Stay strong in these weird and strenuous times!!!

Spearwitch sold out of copies, are you planning on doing a second print? Is there another place I can get my grubby paws on a physical copy? Just some curious wanderer of the Troikaverse...