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This is one of the most memorable visual novels i have ever played.  Visual novels aren't really my type but im really glad i stopped by.   

Pls give me a link to the rain bg sound it really helps with studying XD.

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it doesnt run for me, it has an error message saying RGSS-RTP standard not found.

EDIT; found a fix, just download the shet here

how do i play in fullscreen?

This was the most fun i had in a long time. Just one thing, the weapon sounds didnt have enough 'ommph' to them. Was expecting a more powerful sound for the colt python. Other than that, its a pretty awesome game, would love to play coop

This is extremely polished for a free game. i'd really love to buy this on steam. thanks for distracting me from my IGCSEs with this really awesome game!