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Thanks! I've been considering adding more content into the game myself. However, since this project is now 3 years old, I think I would prefer starting another project instead.

As for your comment on making games, you can make games even if you have no money. You can just use the Personal edition of Unity, which is free. And I'm sure there are many other free game engines out there.

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Hey Crow, I found your game to be quite addicting. A little suggestion though, since I'm right-handed it's a bit difficult for me to control with WASD with my left hand. So it would be nice if we could use the arrow keys. :)

Just as good as the Rally Point 1 remaster. :) 

I love it! It's just like how I remembered it, but with better graphics. :)

It's actually a remaster of one of their old games, mind you.

We've grown enough to have our own credit card to buy these re-releases and Xform needs the money to make Burnin' Rubber 6.

Nice mashup of my favourite games. :)

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Thanks for playing.