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Wow, you get the cool spidran. Thank you for the video!

Thank you!

We sorry for this terrible bug spread, he spoiled all impression of the game
Immediately fix

But the gameplay was a good :)

Lol, your gameplay is unusual! You really screw the rules :D
Thank you for this video!

Thank you a lot for this review and testing!
We have taken note of all your comments!

Ahaha, dude, this video is really funny!
Thank you a lot!

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Haha, yes, main hero is so hot!
We hope that it can

Thanks a lot, dude!

All the bugs will fixed today!

Thank you sooo much for this letsplay!
We will fix all bugs and make level 4 easier :)

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Thank you very much for this video! It`s reeeeally fun. We laughed a lot while watching this.

Sorry for bugs,it`s only alpha release.