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Sprinting is simply unnecessary. I found that when I was personally playing the game I would be permanently holding sprint. It is much better to just be always moving at a faster speed and simplify things.

Wall kicking was just plain broken. I had fiddled with it for several versions before removing it. The problem with wall kicking is that the player could face a wall, hold forward, and spam jump to scale the wall. There is no way to solved this as it is just how air strafing works. I ended up with a stopgap solution where air control would be reduced directly after a wall kick and then regenerate over the next second or so. This worked-ish and is how wall kicking ended up getting shipped but it was a weird hack and felt odd in practice all while only lessening the issue and not solving it outright. In the end either the wall kicking or air strafing had to go and of course I choose air strafing by a mile.

The movement system continues to be tweaked. The same release which killed sprinting and wall kicking added crouching which allows for crouch jumps to scale a single wall height as well as sliding (which is important as you have higher accuracy when crouched). I have a bunch more ideas to work on and 0.2 already has a bunch more improvements to the core movement.

I've unhidden the download links for all prior versions (except for 0.1 as the Windows build of 0.1 was incorrect so 0.1.1 is just 0.1 with a few bug fixes and a correct Windows build)

I would be *very* interested to hear what about the older movement versions you prefer more than 0.1.6? Very little changed between versions of the core movement itself (apart from stuff like gravity and the removal of wall kicking and sprinting). If you would like to give some more in-depth feedback feel free to join the Discord :)

Thank you for the kind words 😃

I am! I've been working on 0.2 for a while now but it is still a long way off. The intention is for 0.2 to be a complete experience, even if the size of that experience is not complete. 0.2 will be released when I feel like there is enough of a game that it forms a cohesive gameplay experience with enough depth for at least a few hours worth of progression. This is still over a year out though (and I'm targeting Godot 4.0 which is a while out as well).

You'll be happy to know that signs have long been a todo list item which I couldn't do because of various technical reasons which have all been resolved recently ;)

You're welcome to join our Discord server at for more discussion

Very awesome for a first game, congrats!

Very awesome for a first game, congrats!