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I really liked The Eldritch Teller but I think you have to know what you are letting yourself in for to enjoy it.

First, it's not really a game, it's not even really much of a story. It is also extremely short and personally the writing is a tad too angsty for my taste.

Where it really excels though is: atmosphere.

The visuals are great. There are some simple drawings, some text and a spacy background but all the details - such as the CRT effect, the curvature of the screen, the particle effects, the colour palette and so on - are really cool.

The sound is phenomonal and my favourite part of this work.

Personally I also find the themes presented quite intriguing. There are mysterious symbols, a portal and crystals, talk of the ether and the void.

Oh and there is a cool gimmick of which I'm still not entirely sure if it's intentional or a bug. :)

All of these elements act together to create a fascinating, cohesive experience. I just wish there was more content to enjoy.