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This made me legit almost cry :( my poor pal

Yeah, it just stayed there, it wouldn't start the actual game.

Hey! I just tried the game, but I got stuck on the CMBT Studio page. Any idea why that might be happening?

I like the idea, the controls are sort of hard to play with though. I'd make it so you shoot with the mouse instead of pressing R, and maybe add a timer so you can't spam the firing button.

Great Idea! I had fun playing it, I wish the rules and what the numbers represent was displayed clearer in the game though.

Fun game!! I wish you didn't have to restart every time you died though.

This game was incredible!! It kept me engaged the entire time, I had so much fun and the story was so creative and cute, this is really inspirational to me :)

Alright, I'll put more samples up soon :)