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i walked backwards when it said he was behind me and i got to get out of the room before he jumpscared me lmao

wont let me join my friend

im gonna hang myself because of you.

bro that jumpscare made me shit my pants bro on god

this makes me angry, its good. gonna continue to fuel my rage until i win.

kill all enemies except for 2, grab one, and throw him at the other enemy just as the timer runs out. why? boredom.

i managed to get that glitch on every level. 

it took time and effort but i got the glitch that show you the win and lose text at the same time in every single one of the 16 levels.

get money. buy rope. go home.

thats not how that works. thats a link to a file on your system. nobody else can use that link

the fullscreen button is gone on browser for me lol

same thing happened to me. this is probably the buggiest game ive played by overboy


i flew off out of the map and cant shoot anymore

and i never said all lives matter. in my opinion, no lives matter.

very cool

im not being selfish, i just see the holes through it and how people are blowing it out of proportion

if im actually first to win, i am very proud of myself lol. this was a super fun game tho, nice job!

i just beat the game. it said i won in black text with a white background, but i wasn't fast enough to get a screenshot :(

thats dumb

a key fell through the map and i couldnt finish lol. im playing in browser

i love the music though

now that i actually know what im doing, i like this a lot more, lol. im gonna try to win

the fuck is a gherkin?

what's the goal?


you people act like this virus is the most dangerous thing in existence. its no worse than the flu.

"and they hated the lord, for he spoke the truth"


this game is scary, it scared the cum out of me right onto my keyboard

i couldnt handle the way this game made me feel like there was an open bottle of hot sauce up my ass.

bro, i came ALL OVER my keyboard

alr sure send the virus lmao

are you asking me if i want to try out a virus lmao

shouldve known it was fake from the intro lol

the intro is pure cancer.

nice, but even if i have to play in browser, this is a super fun game!

would it be possible for you to add linux installation...

please add a linux version, this looks super cool and i really wanna try it out