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Hi Shu! That was a really cute and fun game! The bosses all had unique attacks and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them! The IRyS heals are all pretty well timed too! And there's even the true platforming part being the clock level. Amazing art on Fauna and the true boss too! I didn't really have anything to say that DrunkRaccoon didn't already say. But I didn't mind anything at all, since the levels are short and sweet and IRyS heals so much anyways. Thanks for the game Shu!

Finished the game earlier after seeing Mumei play it now, and said let me just get to it before more members play it. what an amazing game. Actually loved it a lot. Witty dialogue, the music was amazing, good jokes and humors like on level up quotes, everyone is pretty strong but imo the strength is like: Irys, Bae, S, Kronii, Fauna, Mumei. The only thing I would've liked more is equipment. Unless I'm missing something is there only a dice for Bae and the limiter for S. I thought it would've been nice if there was a secret area or something that let everyone get a unique weapon or something. That is my only nitpick on this though. Overall too much fun too short wish there was more of this awesomeness! 10/10

Had to make an account for this. 
Finished the game just now,  really fun game, for sure, more I played the more I was getting better at the combat (I think). 
I just have one question, is the final end supposed to be you playing as noel? (I assume so, since the hint comment you left for the other user), but like the last place was way too hard as Noel I won't lie, after using Flare and her multitude of abilities like double jump for one (the most important tool I feel that got taken away), plus a laggy charged attack for Noel made the ending stage feel so difficult to do, needing to die and get full HP from checkpoint respawn hard. I was legit questioning if it was right during the last fight because it just seemed so difficult lol. 

With Ayame, after a while I figured out her jumping flashes and parry sword flashes and can finally react after a while, but playing as Noel really sucked LOL, I don't know if that difficulty was intentional or not but that was like the biggest gripe I had with the game. 

The only other minority issue was ofc the restart from beginning of level if you messed up and cleared the end or smth and it wasn't what you wanted, so I feel like if you add even more shortcuts for mechanics the player has after beating the stage once (double jump, noel's unique dash), it would be so nice instead of having the trudge the entire stage again. I say this as a means to maybe help newer players to not get stuck as easily or trying to figure out what to do so it is merely a suggestion. 

Did not think I would get hooked on this game for like 5 hours straight lol, difficult challenge and it was a enjoyable time, the game's really good!