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Why are there a bunch of students in comments?

I had a 30 minute fight between my Wispy and a sensor

Just put in another hour of my time into this, great game, so good, hope to see some environment intractables added to the game and also winning items from winning a match

Game just crashed, had a maxed out cobby and maxed out patch, felling sad

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Just massacred a carbon and a button familia in pvp, feeling good.

My cobby strat is so op, love this game to bits, better then pokemon

I'm extremely sorry that people are stealing your game. Damn lazy websites, make your own game. At least you have the satisfaction of knowing your game is good enough to steal.

Everyone is bean

the slavs are up to something


a bit of nostalgia is good for everyone


what happened to liam

where is the body

Its fun yay

it also has dragons, so 10000+

This is like web minecraft and since i am a poor child that cant afford such things, i honestly think that this is great.

This is the best game in itchio.

Please add more stuff please

The level aim is immpossible



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This is amazing! I always play this game in class, this is a lot of fun.

No, a personal joke.

The lake of ROM hacks.

Are we there yet? More like "When will we get out of the lake?"