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I'm glad you guys enjoyed the game. I would actually like to revisit this later and expand upon the story and the choices and maybe have 2 or 3 endings.

Effigy13 - Glad you caught the Lovecraft reference. :-D

Seriously? L. Frank Baum wrote 22 books that take place in the Oz universe (and with other authors, the total goes up to 31 in PD), and this is what we get? The jam theme was "paper" and "The Emerald City of Oz" had the perfect thing for it. I don't want to be mean here, but this challenge could have been a slam dunk, and what we got is yet another reimagining of the first book, with yet another main character made evil, like this hasn't been done before. "It's like Wizard of Oz, but in space." It's been done (maybe not as a video game, but it's been done). Sorry, but as an Oz fan, I have to say, this was a missed opportunity.