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Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for your interest! I've just added a handful of community copies.

Sorry about that, and thank you! I've added a note to the top of the page, hopefully that helps.

Hi (& thanks for the support)! Unfortunately Itch doesn't have a straightforward way to do this, but I can issue you a refund for the $5 purchase (and then you'd have to re-purchase at $10). In my experience, Itch takes about two weeks to process the refund.

I had the absolute joy of playtesting this! It's everything you could hope for from an absurd satirical bureaucratic nightmare. I played as a newly-sentient robotic barista who by the end of the mission had been assigned to live inside the skin of a CEO. Definitely check it out.

The ashcan has the complete text of the adventure with minimal layout. It includes: all the tables, timelines, NPC and location descriptions, intro and endings, plus a couple of less detailed maps. So, everything you need to run the scenario! That said, it doesn't include: 99% of the art, a handful of notes, diagrams, and bits of scripture that provide bonus context, the final polished maps, or the file of printable notes & unlabeled maps to give to players. I do also think the full layout makes the timelines easier to navigate. Hope that helps!

Great question! This is currently only for digital sales, but the print version will be finalized over the next week or two, and should make its way to several online retailers in November (exactly which ones to be announced soon).

Thanks so much!!

Thanks!! I hope the content lives up to the cover

Thank you!!

Hoping to finish this in time!