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A strange game, but I enjoyed it. My personal takeaway was that it was an abstract vision of human-caused ecological disaster and the subsequent loss of all that is good on the Earth (like the fading away of the playground towards the end).

I could be totally wrong, but that was how I interpreted the game. It was beautiful, yet somber and the music really set the tone.  Nice work Mt. Berkoo. 

Great game! You took a boring job working the night shift and turned it into a suspense-filled, survival horror thriller. Great job creating a classic 80's horror vibe with a touch of Saw - I thought that was a cool combination. All-in-all, a nice horror experience. 

This was a fun horror game. At first I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be pretty intense. Once the lights went out and the music started, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for something to come at me. You did a nice job turning a normal, every day task into a nightmare. Keep up the good work, Nihilanth!

Awesome game! Graphics, story and narration were all well done. You did a great job creating a game with a "classic horror" vibe - I felt like I was playing in an old episode of The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. Looking forward to see what the other casefiles have in store. Keep up the good work, ProfessorStitch!

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A nice and creepy visual novel. I enjoyed reading The Tragic Tale of Leth Winters and the overall atmosphere of the game was well executed. Just a little critique: I think adding a bit more to the dialogue with Erin along with some unsettling events would have made this more suspenseful. Other than that, great work and I look forward to seeing more.

This a really good-looking game. I loved the black and white with pops of color style - reminds me of the game "The Cat Lady." The Inn was creepy with a couple of good scares, but a little lacking of story. The only other critique I have is the audio was a bit loud for the radios but hard to understand with the monster.

I would definitely play a full version of this game with added story and more objectives to meet and antagonists to avoid. Overall, what you have here is a good short horror experience with lots of potential. Keep up the good work!

Cool concept for a horror game. The witty humor was a nice touch. This was a fun experience that really keeps the player on their toes. I had a blast playing it. 

Awesome horror game Alex! Playing in the second person through the Super 8 film was a really nice touch - it made the game stand out from the typical haunted house experience. Both atmosphere and story were unsettling. You did a great job delivering a creepy horror experience without the use of jumpscares. I really enjoy your games, and look forward to seeing what you have in store for future projects. 

Very cool horror game.  The atmosphere of the house and your use  of sounds was unsettling and the scares were done well. I really enjoyed that ending - you did a great job with the cinematics. The secret ending gave me a bit of a laugh. BTW: nice choice of C.D. in the glove compartment. :) Hope to see more games from you in the future.

Pretty cool game. The story itself touches on real-life issues such as substance and domestic abuse which I thought made the game more disturbing and tragic. I like how the story unfolds as the character walks through the house over and over again - it gave me the feeling that he was in some kind of purgatory. Scares were well done and not too over the top. Overall, a nice short horror experience.

Nice demo. I like how you took a typical, boring day at the office and turned it into a surreal nightmare. That little twist at the end left me wondering what Josiah was all about.

I really hope you do more with this game because I would love to see how the story ends.

This was a fun and strange horror experience. The few scares that were in the game are well done and that scene with the whisper really got me good - it felt like someone was actually behind me and I couldn't help but turn around. You did a nice job creating the blurred lines between reality and nightmare for poor Sleepless Kevin. I really enjoyed this game.

BTW: I wasn't expecting that ending, but it was hilarious.

Very scary and tense game. I like how you placed the keys in random places throughout the house so the player is forced to search all rooms instead of going back to the exact same areas in a new game. The stranger was absolutely terrifying - trying to avoid him was a heart pounding experience. I think an option to hide would have added a nice touch of suspense to the game.  Oh, and one more thing - I loved the music at the end of the game. Well done VicDeathMetal!

A  fun short horror experience.  The only critique I have is there's really no story - I'm curious to know why the protagonist hates Halloween, does Dexter have any backstory, and what the monster is and why it's  lurking in the apartment? Other than that, I think this game looks and plays pretty well and has potential to be a full-version game. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed the first demo, but I absolutely LOVE this new playable teaser - it looks/plays great and is incredibly terrifying! The only small issue I had was navigating the gurney, but I suppose that is what dragging a gurney around by yourself would be like in the real world. From what I have seen so far, I think this game is gearing up to be the best horror game of 2022 and I cannot wait to play the full version. Excellent demo!

This game really took me by surprise - love the way it went from cute and sweet to dark and disturbing. I thought the art style was very cool and the 3 endings (especially the 3rd ending) were great. All in all, an awesome game - would love to see more like this.

This was an interesting short horror experience. I like how the journey got more and more strange as you progress through the game. I'm not really sure if the protagonist was going insane or entering some kind of parallel dimension, but overall this was a fun little game.

This was a fun and tense short horror. Entering a bathroom in your games makes me very nervous - LOL. I also got a kick out of the intro and the dancing doctor. I've really enjoyed the demos you have put out so far - can't wait to see more of these or a full version game in the future. Great work Max Horror! 

This was a great psychological horror. I loved the graphics and the disturbing story of the family's  descent into madness. The description of the son's decomposition along with the mother's denial was very unsettling. The increasing tension/dysfunction in the family really had me rooting for poor  Gloria. A beautiful and dark game/visual novel - I hope to see more.

Really enjoyed this demo. The "female hitchhiker ends up in the wrong place" storyline is pretty creepy and the perverted motel owner is very disturbing. Love the dark, seedy motel aesthetic. The old-style graphics gives the game a gritty, slasher-style look and feel. I can't wait to play the full version.

BTW: Thank you for including a NSFW option for streaming purposes. Nice work Cubyte!

Pretty cool horror experience. It's nice to see a PT-style game have an actual threat instead of just walking around with noises and jumpscares.  You did a nice job creating a dark and gloomy hotel atmosphere and a feeling of being trapped. Just a couple of critiques:  1)  It would have been cool to have some visual of the burned man while hiding in the closet. 2)  Although I got both endings, I felt like there wasn't enough story to fully explain the disappearances and what the burned man was all about, but maybe I just missed some information? Other than those two things, I enjoyed playing this and hope to see more projects from you.

This was  a pretty cool horror experience. I liked the concept of accepting an anonymous challenge on the internet not really knowing what to expect - it gave off  a "dark web danger" kind of vibe. The jumpscares got me REALLY good. The only critique I have of the game is the story. I understood the gist of it, but what was the significance of the challenge and the quest item? Who (or what) was the thing circling around the building? What are Jupiter's intentions - are they good or evil? I think adding more detail to the story would have enhanced the game a bit. Overall, you did a nice job creating a dark and tense atmosphere and I enjoyed playing this game.

Although this game was short and simple, it was really creepy. You did a good job creating an unsettling feeling of being stalked while walking alone at night. Having 3 different endings in such a short game was a nice touch and the music was cool as well. Great game and I hope to see more projects from you in the future. 

This game was quite a trip but I really enjoyed it. You make some pretty unique games and I look forward to see what else you have in store - great work Matthew! 

I enjoyed the Child's Play movies (even though they were cheesy & campy), so I was excited to see someone make a game featuring Chucky. This was a fun horror experience. Nice work darkaory!

The game looks cool and I would love to finish it, but the key on the floor mat is bugged and I cannot retrieve it with left mouse button or E. Will definitely give it a go once bugs are fixed.

I enjoyed both this and the previous demo you put out. The atmosphere has a real Grindhouse movie quality to it. My only critique is the moving textures on the walls - they were a bit distracting on the eyes and made me feel a little motion sick, unfortunately. Other than that, I added this to my wishlist and look forward to seeing the final version of this game.

Really spooky game. The chase scenes had me at the edge of my seat and the twist at the end was pretty cool and unexpected. You did a great job turning an innocent bike ride into a nightmare experience. Awesome game, Donitz!

This reminds me of "Welcome to the Game," but I found this far more enjoyable to play. You did a great job creating a tense atmosphere - I was afraid to take my eyes off of my surroundings and every sound had me running for the locker. The twist at the end was a nice touch to the story as well. Really well done Jang Games!

This was creepy fun with some nice scares. I liked the lore of Okiku and the music at the end was a nice touch as well. Just want to say I really enjoy your games and this was another great one. Keep up the awesome work Azaxor!

This game really took me by surprise. At first I expected a "escape from a deserted island while being chased" kind of experience, but got an emotional journey instead. The story was a sad, yet beautiful tale with an ending that gave me genuine chills and tears to my eyes. The music was well done and really added to the melancholy feel at the end of the game. I highly recommend this one. 

Incredible job Comp-3 Interactive!

This game was really well done. You did a great job creating a tense atmosphere and a feeling of desperation. The random horror elements throughout the office while dealing with Sophie on the phone was a nice touch. I thought the game captured the spirit of the creepypasta "My Final Call As A Police Dispatcher Has Scarred Me" fairly well. The ending got me pretty good too.

Great work TwoShoedLou! Hope to see more games from you in the future.

A nice little short horror experience. You did a great job creating a spooky atmosphere with both sound/graphics and that ending really got me. Well done, MoiDev!

Nice short horror game. The concept is pretty cool and I really like how it went from a boring/monotonous late night work shift to something intense and unsettling. You did a great job with this and I hope to see more games from you in the future. 

I really like what I see so far and put this on my Steam wishlist. Looking forward to playing the full version. Nice demo!

A nice short horror with some anxiety-inducing moments. I'm curious to know more about The Fallen Third and what they're about.

Really nice game. Horror elements are subtle, but work well with the atmosphere/story. I liked the message (along with the music) at the end of the game - very poignant. This definitely piqued my interest in Gate to Site 8 and I look forward to playing it when it comes out. Great work!

I absolutely loved playing this!  Very cool concept and story - this game really stands out. The only critique I have is the text tends to lag and overlap a little bit, but other than that I really enjoyed playing this game. I look forward to see what you have in store for future projects. Great work ISART DIGITAL!!!