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Foreboding Games

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I had a lot of fun with this. Although the game is more on the humorous side than scary, I thought the scene at 06:10 was well done and really creepy. Good stuff, Bug Baker Games!

Very cool horror game Bored Leviathan. I never thought a plant would ever make me jump like I did when I played this one - LOL! Your games keep getting better and creepier - great job!

I just recently came across your games and decided to give this one a try. I really liked the old-school graphic style of the game along with the disturbing story of Alice. Obsession is a great short horror experience and I'm looking forward to checking out your other work.

Cool short horror experience. I really liked the dark and grittiness of the game and its nightmarish atmosphere/enemies.

I noticed a couple of small glitches:

1). I had a playthrough (not shown in this video) where the pighead monster chased me into the locker than just hung there swinging into the locker until I opened the locker again.

2). There was a slight lag in the change of dialogue where the protagonists response would slightly overlap the beginning of the doctor's dialogue.

Neither one of these glitches are game breaking, but just thought I'd mention them. All in all, like all of your other games, I enjoyed this one.

I played both the demo and full version of this game and I like how it turned out. Great suspense throughout the game and although the ghost wasn't an actual threat, she was still pretty intimidating every time she popped up. A nice short horror experience. 

I enjoyed this game. The story of this man's life is so tragic and although the themes are dark and depressing, I thought it was really well done. I liked the way you gave the game a classic movie look as well. A very nice, albeit sad short horror experience. 

A fun game for classic horror movie fans. Being able to play as all the characters and experiencing the game from their perspective was a really nice touch. Are there any plans to expand on the Shadow of Leatherface saga? I would love to see a more "fleshed out" version of this game. ;)

Nice work Stefano!

This is a very creepy game with a disturbing story. The foggy and dark atmosphere gave the game a nice, heavy feel to it. I thought having to switch from flashlight to shotgun as the enemies rush you in the dark really added to the intensity of the game. I wanted to find all the pawns, but I was afraid of what would jump out and attack me if I spent too much time searching - LOL. This is a nice addition to the Real Stories from the Grave series and I hope to see a third episode. Great work DeadByte!

WOW, this game was awesome! Every step I took, I did with a sense of, shall I say... foreboding (pardon the pun). The final scene in Chapter 3 was insane and reminded me of two great horror movies: Hostel and Jacob's Ladder. Atmosphere and sound effects were intense and the music by Fabio Guedes really set the tone. The only critique I have is a glitch I ran into in Chapter 3  - the thing that comes after you bugs out and gets stuck, so I had to start the chapter over. Other than that, everything looks and plays good. I enjoyed the first two games, but I have to say this one is my favorite - a fantastic finale to the Forgotten Tunnels saga. Bravo LostBullet, Bravo!!!

This game is a nice sequel to Paralyzis. Very creepy and the shadows really got to me. Although I didn't find the 7th secret, I did get both endings. Great game JN Squared!

This game is short, sweet, and gets right to the point - a nice little horror experience. Great work! 

Pretty cool game. It felt like a cross between P.T. and Layers of Fear. The game did crash on me a few times, but I was able to finish it. I think with a bit more polish, story, and some events to add a feeling of dread, this would be an excellent horror game. Nice work Stratos!

Awesome atmosphere and twisted monster designs. I love funhouse horror so I really enjoyed this one. Your games are a trippy work of art and a lot of fun to play.  Great job (as always) Vidas!

This was a fun holiday horror game. I really liked how you made both the landscape and the story simple, yet dark and gritty. You did a great job of making the Santa encounters a terrifying experience as well. Nice work Blake!

A short and sweet horror game. I got that tense feeling of walking home in the dark when I played this. The only critique I have is  having to smash A and D on the keyboard for walking/running - made my fingers cramp up a little, LOL but other than that, I really enjoyed this game. Good work corpsepile!

A visually stunning game. I would have liked to see more story, but what I've seen so far is interesting and has promise. I had to mute out the record player from the video due to a copyright claim (which I thought was odd) so just an F.Y.I. there. Anyway, very cool game and I hope to see a longer version of Cabaret in the future. Great work, Fire9788!

Cool game. The only critique I have is the height of the character - it felt like I was going to hit my head against the top of the doors, LOL. Other than that, this was another nice short horror - I really enjoy your games.

So far, a great game with an interesting story, beautiful art, and a Fran Bow vibe. I really enjoyed Chapter 1 and look forward to playing Chapters 2 & 3 . Very nice work FRACTALCATZ! 

A dark and disturbing demo but a good horror experience. The only critique I have is the character movement - it felt a bit fast for being in a small, confined space. Other than that, I enjoyed your demo.

This game got me good. The lack of sound and performing the mundane tasks around the apartment lulled me into a sense of security to the point I was asking myself "where's the horror"  -  that is until the last task popped up. I really enjoyed it and included it with my weekly double feature videos. Nicely done thzoid! 

A great short horror experience. I really liked how the story was told through the voice recorder as opposed to having to find and read notes scattered all over the place. The scares were also well done - I jumped a couple of times with this one. Very nice work! 

A strange game, but this is the kind of game I really enjoy. It would be cool to see a longer version with more story behind it, but as it currently stands this game is still a good short horror experience.

Nice work TheMinusel!

Your games are always entertaining. This was a fun one to play in the spirit of Halloween.

It's a little different than the first game, but I enjoyed it. Nice artwork and added story to the mysterious Cage-Face. Hope to see more of him in the future. Keep up the great work Alex!

Looks very interesting so far - I can't wait to see more of this game. 

Awww, I really wanted to see what was inside the main trailer - nice cliffhanger.  :)  Looking forward to see what happens next and I will definitely purchase the full version once it comes out on Steam.

Cool short horror game. I liked the concept of playing the character in the videotape as the investigator watches. I would love to see more story about Cage Face in the future and what he's all about. I can easily see Cage Face becoming a popular horror figure like Siren Head or Slenderman. Very nice work olinkalex!

Very cool "found footage" style game. When I played the first Harmful I wasn't sure what to expect as I was wandering through the woods, but as the game unfolded I was surprised at the turns it took and how it ended. Harmful, The Second Tape really adds to the story and leaves you wanting more. Nice work ToothandClaw and I hope to see a third tape.

Nice looking game and had some good scares - one scene in particular was very unexpected and made me jump out of my chair. Pretty decent horror experience - good job!

Nice game. You did a great job giving it the Alfred Hitchcock treatment and I'm a big fan. The only critique I have is the ending - it fell a bit flat (I was hoping to go into the basement), and although the music was cute and funny, it didn't match the time period and it kind of ruined the vibe of a dark game built on suspense. Other than that, I really enjoyed playing Vacant and hope to see more like this in the future. 

For toilet humor with scares, this is a true masterpiece. I love your work Impostersyndrome!


I really enjoyed both That Dream and Cleaning Service, but this one is my favorite so far. Your games keep getting better and better. Looking forward to seeing what's next. Good stuff Bored Leviathan!

At first I wasn't sure what was going on as I was smashing my way through the office building, but as the game progressed and the story unfolded I was surprised to see how deep it was. A strange game with an important message - I really enjoyed it. Nice work!

Nice looking  game. I really like how it started off lighthearted with pretty graphics and pleasant music then spirals into a dark, disturbing story.  Good job!

Short, simple, and really creepy - nice work! 

Just out of curiosity, was the protagonist responsible for what happened to the woman in the T.V. (car accident) or was this whole experience just a delusion/hallucination since the protagonist states that they are exhausted?

Nice creepy game and cool retro style. The music at the end was awesome. Good stuff Neurobew!

The first episode was pretty creepy, but I like how you added story and more scares in this one. I look forward to seeing what Episode 3 has in store. Great game LostBullet!