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Wait for the next update like most other people with the exact same problem

I have literally tried everything I possibly can to make the game play and yet I still can’t get it to work. All the other types of games I have work perfectly fine but it’s only flattened that doesn’t seem to work.

Help me please zsansubar

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I’ve switched my anti virus program (mcafee) off and there is no changes to the game.

Help :(

Same thing with me

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Is anyone else running into a problem with the main menu?

All I have is the voice greeting me to the game and the music playing but no main menu appearing. It’s just a blank white screen

Zsansubar please help

They’re only asking for the status of the game so far and an estimation to when the game will be released. They’re not breaking down his door it’s only because everybody hates being left in the dark with nothing being said.

Secondly everyone has the right to come to this site when they please. If your so bothered by it just ignore people’s comments they have the right to their opinion just as much as you are.

Thirdly this is an early alpha sci-fi/ fantasy game not indie.

just sounds like a rip off version of the highway level

Pardon the pun please I'm cringing over it

Thanks for at least tell us all what is happening with the update :)

It's better to hear what is going on rather than not hearing from you at all

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it's only a question x

when is the next update coming?

When do you think the update will be ready?

Could we possibly have the giants being vocal during the game and mock the player if we get flattened

But make this optional for anyone one doesn't like the sound of the giant

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Does anyone else have difficulty playing the evac level. It's just playing frame by frame and not running smoothly as the others.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's just my laptop thats causing it and I don't know how to make it run better.

Im having issues trying to unzip the file  and downloading applications to unzip it are causing my laptop to run slow :'(

Is there a way you can make it a launcher again please