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I'm afriad I'm not sure how to use companions effectively. From what I can tell you can only ask them to do things that are one tile away, but they also move around the map somewhat randomly. I'm not sure if I have to wait until the person I need just happens to come within one tile of the thing I need them to do, or if there's some way to make them follow me or move more than one square away that I am missing.

This game was also something that really started me thinking about gender stuff when I was introduced to it. Had only just started meeting other queer ppl about the time I found this game, and it was the first one I saw that had ppl considering trans themes, even if indirectly. 

This little exploration of those theories matches a lot of my experience. A wonderful piece. <3

Love Addie so much she put a few of my feelings into words I hadn't quite figured out before.

Thank u for getting across the perfect vibe for a transgirl who also likes being bullied <3