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k, I threw together a very quick tutorial level, I haven't started the level design yet, so it's not very good

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this is meant as a test, I'm using itch as a sort of archive because github is a bit slow. I'll run a quick build of a simple map rq for you. Just need to fix like 2 bugs

This game is unbelievable, Good job! do you have any advice for people looking to make a good horror game?

cool game

very obviously inspired by the success of stray, but, I do love the visual style of it, it's a very short game. Only issue is that it has no ending

Terribly optimized game with janky controls, visuals are nice, and it's also pretty confusing to get around

Adorable little game! very impressive for your first game, good job!

it's pretty good, it's just a little lack luster

I feel like alot of work and effort went into this, but just a few critiques, the aiming system is kind of jank, and I feel like it would be better if the projectile flew in the direction of the cursor instead of where you're facing. also there are a LOT of duplicated objects which makes them flash a lot. otherwise it's pretty good


Very Very fun game, I love how it feels, and looks, it's very satisfying. One critique though... the launcher thing probably needs to be more sensitive. Other than that, great job

Actually pretty fun. The shooting feels pretty nice but I feel like it should have some feedback for shooting, like a recoil animation.  only other critique would be to make the movement more instantaneous rather than built up. I liked mostly everything else though, good job!

nope, not using a chromebook. I'm pretty sure what's causing it is the sudden influx of objects when you spawn the robot things, try to also change the FOV, and make the gun smaller.


janky, and controls are weird. obnoxiously laggy, and confusing to follow.

Great game! I loved the feel of it, and the small message. I also loved the style.

I threw my headset, holy

nearly shit myself, thanks.

I just ran it and there's an issue. The game seems to be playing under the godot game engine overlay? I tried clicking around and tapping random buttons on my keyboard and heard a rain sound, so I held down w and heard foot steps and some sort of rapid swinging sound. do you know why this would be?

The game isn't loading, it's only showing the godot start thing, but the weird thing is that I can still hear the sound effects and all I hear is an out of breath woman with creepy music playing. I'm using windows btw.

I love this game! There isn't much to say about it apart from how great the visuals and story were. I really felt emmersed in the game, good job! The only critique I'd give about it would be the audio, for some parts it's a bit quiet, and for others it's too loud.

cool game. I almost threw up several times because of the weird texture distortion that was happening. only real critisism would be to make it faster, it got really slow after a bit. I love the lowpoly look aswell. good job!

This information is hardly enough to spoil the game, there is so much leading up to the ending and I recommend that you play it if you havent already.

the ending is sad. amazing game though, good job!

This was very fun to work on, great team!


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I had the most trouble with the actual goal, it wasn't very clear what I was supposed to do, all I knew was that I could pick stuff up after the tutorial. (edit) I figured it out, but I found a couple bugs, one was the physics there were no physics on the character and he'd randomly float if you went on objects.

This was great, I got ending 1!

this game was very well made, I liked the little hidden easter eggs around the level, I loved the music, and the visuals were great, it had that ps1 feel to it which I've always loved in games. good job you guys it was fun!

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Great game 7/10 only bad parts were the graphics, they don't remind me too much of a ps1 aesthetic mostly because of the characters' shadow and the exaggerated dots on screen. I understand it's hard to replicate the true PS1 look with unreal but yeah, those are the main parts I would improve upon. otherwise the game was great

I ended up playing this for like an hour just for there to be a missing piece and one was discoloured

this game is a bit hard to play, and understand.

this game has a great art style, and sub-par puzzles. only thing I would improve would be the puzzles, they weren't really puzzles, they were more like missions, but I feel like this has a lot of potential. final comment, it reminds me of some old games I used to play.

really good game, anti climactic ending, I was staring at the bitch after she crucified me, she thought she was scary? did she see the massive Muncher of munchkins in the tunnel?

this is a great game, I had a lot of fun playing it, pretty original, and it was visually nice. Great job, 9/10

only 10 weeks of development? from the trailer, it looks like it's been in the works for over a year. Well done

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my record for beating this is 3:56 SUb 4 BABY, took me too long

Arrow Schmarrow?