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I won't pay for steam

When can we buy the add-pack on gog or seperately on itch.

Works and quick.

Interest and warm.

Just finished this up, and honestly like your music/story, all the artwork designs, specially the choices codes and "pre-determined" chat, that's a great truth.

A short game that can makes me feel relax. Recommended.

Other way, this program crash few times after I got a item, and crash once after selected kindomka on map.

I like this and this is superb on playways, I think it is need a smoother turning. Contral are good but boost so fast I can't move it well, the rail attatchment has some range, but still not that easy to attach on (under some speed/turn/camera functions glitchs) .

Friendly to low-performenced laptop. 

Awesome here again, great pic and words! Recommended to my friends. :)

Super interesting!! recommended 

Maybe I'll turn this off when playina a game.