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This game was great! The only gripe i have was the voice acting for the dolls. I explained and gave my criticism in the video but it was definitely a great game! I see a lot of potential here and hope to see the full game soon! 

Avery sus ronald mcdonald's game. Made me laugh more than scared for sure LOL

This game actually gave me the creeps! Fantastic transitions and the lore was easy to understand. Simple and clean! Nice atmosphere and environment. Hope to see more!

Game starts @8:27

The game was well made!  A little polish would make it better! NOT BAD AT ALL THOUGH!


A little too short and definitely needs a little more than just a puzzle and chase scene. The beginning looks a little too familiar with other games which i know a lot of games takes free assets to use but just change it a little. Hope to see a fully fledge out game with more content!

Game starts @ 0:55 seconds

I will definitely be playing this game whenever it does come out! I love the idea and story of this so much! Added on my wishlist and hopeful for the full game! 

The game was actually well made! But the only gripe i have was restarting all over just to get different endings. Checkpoints would be helpful! Still a great game!

This was by far the most disturbing analog horror story I've heard! Well done!

Really well made Boogeyman game! I played one few years back and its good to see another one with different perspective! Cant wait for the full release!

Pretty short but well made game! Definitely got me a few times!

This was a really well made jeff the killer game! It was short and simple but the execution to the story and game play was the best part! Can't wait to see more from you!

This game was really well made! The atmosphere really gave me the chills! Love the story and the build up to it! Although some of the jumpscares are predictable, it still got me 

Although this episode was a little bit more confusing, it was still good. Just need to polish some stuff and make more sense of things. 

It was simple but very well executed! Just wish it was a little longer but i definitely cannot wait for the second chapter!

This was probably one of the better but simpler grimace horror game! The chasing scene was well done! 

I did not know what i was getting myself into lol It's pretty buggy and i actually fell through the floor. Also the hospital level, there's a door that cant be opened. I wanted this game to be good but i feel like no one play tested the game. Hopefully there's an update soon and better optimization!

Loved the matrix ending lol Although it was short, could be better!

Game starts:7:15

This game was actually good, but it definitely needs some polishing to be better! 

Game starts at 3:07

Sadly i didnt play the new update which woudve been 10x better! but it was still pretty interesting!

Game starts at 20 seconds


Although it was shorter than the first demo, The story was very well put together and cant wait for the full game!

This game actually gave me fear. I wished i've seen the mechanic where it took my camera as ive seen in other videos but it was still well done! 

This game was actually really well made! I definitely want to know more about the lore and what happened! Nice demo to make the players want more! 

This was such a well made game! The voice acting was spot on perfect! The game definitely gave me the creeps as well! Cant wait to see more!

Although it wasnt as scary like the other squidward games, it was definitely creepy. Still a very well made game! Love the AI voice and choice of music! Great story as well. 

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This game was very fun and intense! Especially hard mode! GOOD STUFF LIXIAN! Can't wait to see your next game!

I loved the way the game looks with the effect! You had the atmosphere right and mood definitely got me! Maybe if the last bit had a jumpscare, it wouldve been good! Still a good game though!

Game starts:13 mins

Honestly, this game has lots of potential! The mood was right and the objects moving was probably one of the scariest parts about the game. If it was longer and had a decent amount of jump scares, it wouldve been great! Still alright though!

Game starts: 7:33

Although it was short, it was pretty alright! Now i know why the protagonist had to go LOL 

Game starts: 1 min

Good job on this one N4bA! Definitely one of the scariest indie horror game I've played this year! Can't wait for the full release (if you plan to make one) and this is gonna be a big game forsure!

A very balance game! Jumpscares were on point but quite predictable (Still got me though lol) easy to  understand puzzles and overall a great game!

Even though this game wasn't that scary, it got me a couple times for sure! Made me laugh as well!

i tried finding the secret ending in dark mode and its way scarier than i thought!

Loving the new update! Can't wait for more nights and the lore! 

This game has a A LOT of potential and would love to see a full game! 

It was very well made! Love how the character looks and all but i feel like it kinda lack some horror aspect and more of a walking sim. Overall, still a solid demo!

Was really well made. Was hoping to see a jumpscare but definitely had a eerie vibe to it! 
Game starts at 5:09

Was very short but i see potential! Game starts in the beginning!


Very well done short horror game! Hope to see more from you!

Loved how there were some "teasers" of what to come with the puzzles and locks but sucks how we cant really figure them out unless we download a hack but still cant wait for the full game!

This is probably one of the best short horror games ive ever played! Really keeps you on edge the whole time!