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Definitely worth updating! Keep updating the game would love a true story and lore about this game!

THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST RHYTHM GAME IVE PLAYED IN A WHILE! Please definitely update more! I freaking love it!

The game was actually pretty good! Love the retro theme of the game! 

I'd say it was interesting and did get me here and there. Should definitely rework on the text but still enjoyed it.

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The jump scares were predictable but i still had a very fun time!

The build up and sounds in this game was freaking amazing! Jump scares definitely got me too! 

Really good build up for sure. Definitely could be polished up some more and be more interactive but still enjoyable and scary! 

This game was actually pretty challenging! Although it was quite frustrating when she teleported out of no where and kept running at mexh speed. But overall really enjoyed it! Should def make a full game on this!

I've recently played the demo awhile back and trust me when, when youre hmong you know this game hit you hard! LOL Hopefully ya enjoy! Definitely will be playing the full game when it comes out! 

Short but well made! Keep it up!

game starts @14:40

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Really well made game. Love the lore! 

Game starts @8:27

Kinda repetitive and could be better and scarier.

Game starts @2:10

I just love the concept of this game. I really cant wait for the next episode! 

This game was really well made! I enjoyed every second of it! Love the story and the little easter egg of the chicken! Cant wait for more episodes!

Really good game. Definitely one of the harder games ive played. I just wish the salt didnt go down that fast but i BARELY made it to the door with the 4th bell going off! Nice game!

Game starts @25:55 

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REALLLLY love the disturbing eerie feel of the game! Hope to see you make more of these types of games!

Game starts @20:36

I love the idea of it. But i think the jumpscare couldve been better. Still a well made game tho!

Game starts @17:26

This actually got me..i actually jumped from the sound rather than the monster! LOL 

Game starts @14:16

Really good visuals! Really enjoyed it. 

Game starts @7:16

Simple game but really well made! 

Game starts @2:15

The first jumpscare REALLY got me good! LOL Simple game but really well made! 

Very well made game! The ambiance and noises really made you feel like someone was always next to you! Well definitely check out the full game on release!

I hope you will! Im waiting for it! 

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TBH I didnt really enjoy it as much because of the sentences but it was spooky for sure. The ending just didnt make sense to me lol 

Game starts @17:25

Not really scary but DEFINITELY thriller and intense like!

Game starts @10:32

The first jumpscare ALMOST got me! Good game tho! I love the pixelated style!

It's a simple game but a well made simple game! Loved it!

Game starts at 11:05

Very good concept! I also watched how you made the game which was really interesting! Game starts at the beginning!

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PLAY SO FAR! Hope to see more from you guys!

Story was a bit confusing but still good. 

Game starts @13:54

Very good looking game! I would love to see more development for this! Definitely had potential to be a full game if not at least a 30 min game!

Game starts in the beginning of the video. :)

Hilarious game! Especially with the typos i found lol. Game starts @7:20 :)

The ending was perfect! I kinda figured out when i was closed to the ending which made it 10x better!

One of the better horror game here! Would love to see more from you! Had a very creepy experience. The audios in the game made it 10x better. Keep up the great work!

Very interesting and good game! Make more! 

Thank you! Make more short horror games! Love em!

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The game has potential to be scarier! The killer didnt really scare me as much and he didnt give me a fear factor of needing to play it stealthy but you can make the game better with some scary noises and make him feel scarier! Game starts @ 11:25

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IDK WHY BUT THE JUMPSCARE ACTUALLY GOT ME! LOL Short game but scary nonetheless! Game starts @7:35

It was a quick and easy game BUT it did give me a challenge! I love it! Keep it up! Would love to see you go further with this game! This game starts @1:15

It was a short demo but a great demo! Hopefully you reach your goal on Indiegogo because this game would be awesome if there was a full version!