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The game looked WAY TOO REAL! I'm not good with realistic looking games! 

This game had me screaming the whole time playing it! Well done!

Pretty good first game you made here! Definitely got the unexpected jumpscares!

Homer actually creeped up on me and scared me half to death! Nice simple quick game!

Pretty interesting game. Short but definitely jump scared me twice! 

Definitely see the inspirations from crypt terror but love seeing some originality in it too! The PT mechanic was cool too! The fact that u cant see anything in front of you makes it even scarier! Good first game and would love to see an original game from you!

This was by far the best mechanic ive seen in a horror game! If executed correctly and a story, itd be dope! Keep it up! I think u got something going on here! 

This was a simple and great game! Cant wait for the full release! Keep it up!

This game gave me GENUINE FEAR KEEP IT UP!

One of the weirdest but best game ever LOL. I might have to play poop killer 1 and 2 later!

As short as it was and no information on how to play, it was still really creepy and a good game! Can't wait for more!

I really wish there were at least two endings. The bad one then another one to save wooly but aye it was still a good game tho! 

The chase definitely got me! Nice, short and simple game! Wish it was more to do but still enjoyable. Keep it up!

The way he ran and how fast he was in impossible mode is RIDICULIOUS! LOL Like how simple it is though. I would suggest to add a mechanic where if you input the elements, Mr. White gets faster! That'd be cool but still enjoyed it!

I shouldve waited for the update because this game was so freaking good! Love the mandela catalog videos and this one definitely hit the spot! Keep it up!

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This was definitely different from any other puppet horror games! Keep up the great work! This game definitely has potential to be amazing! I also found all if not MOST of the secrets!

This was a very cool concept for the backrooms video! Love how u included puzzles to make the player interact more than just walking around and get jumpscared! Like how you also follow the video from the backrooms! Keep it up!

I can't believe i beat this on my first try! Well at least on baby mode lol. The screams definitely caught me off guard though! Enjoyed it!

VERY interesting

Definitely paced REALLY well. Probably one of the most simple, fast and scary game ever! Keep it up!

Although it was short, still pretty good for a first game! Didnt know what was going on though but still pretty good lol. The graphics were great but it messed up my frames on OBS so definitely look into lowering some stuff if youre making another game! Still good though

Definitely way more polished than the last one! i loved every aspect of this game although there were some typos and mispelled words. I think having more of a tip/help info popping up while in a chase or something like that would help. It can be an optional thing where u can turn off and on the tips/help in the option menu. I can see people getting lost and not know what to do. The hmong ghost definitely looks way more scarier and you definitely outdone yourself with scenes and chases! Loving the tedious work of going back and forth cause thats what makes it more of a horror game! Although dont overdo the tedious work as it tends to get annoying and not fun. Overall i think this was one of the best demo yet! Although i felt like the first one was scarier ONLY because it was base on a inclose environment. But keep it up! Support all the way!

Did a pretty good job in making the room come to life! Would LOVE to see the actual creature in the video be in the game! But still good!

This game was actually pretty good and scary!

This definitely was unexpected!

Although ive played in this house already in a different house. And the jump scares being predicable, i still enjoyed it!

This game really gave me goosebumps and the chase sequence made my back crawl! VERY WELL DONE GAME!

Game starts at: 13:25

This definitely caught me off guard! Really creeped me out! Good stuff!

Game starts at: 9:35

I really love the mandela catalogue and this definitely hit the spot! Really well made!

Game starts at: 1:26

Short but nice scare! Keep it up!

I would never imagine seeing Mr. Clean like this! 

This game was ok. Definitely felt creeped out but wasn't that scary even though i got scared here and there lol

Definitely better than the first one! Would love to see a full game out of this!

This game has DEFINITELY came a long way! Definitely need to fix the Yandere mode though. Probably just me but it was hard for some reason. Plus you cant heal your poison once you've used up the only one u have which is in the kitchen. Maybe a little more help would make the yandere mode much better and less stressing. Overall i still enjoyed it though!

Even though i was low on energy today this game definitely got my heart pumping! Especially the cheap jump scares! 

That jumpscare definitely got my neck bad.. lol