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yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! btw its not silly it's pretty awesome in my opinion

I agree with you on almost everything, just I would not say its "fucking awful" a bit of an overstatement, but it's true that sometimes some things are out of the box but it still was pretty easy to understand what was happening (and I'm not even an English native). for the direction it is taking, I think it's a matter of taste there, I honestly like it but mostly because I'm into romance but at least is not random romance (i mean there is no romance yet which makes sense given the circumstance) and the fact the MC actually has a brain (as you said) help a lot so yeah

I loved it, what a heck of a first release you really wanted to start with a boom totally recommended loved it from the start

i reached something like 320km XD


umm i would like to ask if this is still getting update

ah ok

im getting the same error

wait there is a quest?

nice! also yeah i undestand being serious about your project but also take it easy, you are one single man you can't expect to do a thousand man work

yaaay it's here!

i honestly feel sad its getting a hiatus i really love this vn but its understandable, no one should be forced to do something you do for hobby

im so excited, can't wait to see more! this is really good

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no worry! its not strange to find bugs in a new project, so it doesnt really change my opinion about this, and i really like it for now, i just wanted to let you know so that it can grow even better

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umm there is a visual bug with the buggbear during the fight sometimes he duplicate and another one is that when you end the battle against the golem with the struggle status you keep it forever in the next fights also

i love the story so far, im kinda concerned about the fact that last update was almost 1 year ago... anyway if i can give a feedback the font. please change it. i mean yeah its cool but its really hard to read on that honestly

you mean the black panther? because 99,9999% it will create a new simp cult XD

i slapped my leg when i clicked the link (stronger than expected, it kinda hurted) because inside of me i KNEW IT but seriously i forgot its april fool and i was close to think that it was real until i reached the link

honestly i always wondered how you could be so constant without stressing at some point i thought you were a god or something but ofc not, you always did a good job constantly informing your fan if there was a delay (just because the next update was like trice the "normal" content) so i think no one would be angry if you actually take it easy sometimes btw how can you call this "not so much" this is still huge and interesting lol

yay update time! :D

honestly at some point i dont really care i just check my feed when i have time and roll with whatever notification i have

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i mean he has a life, this is a hobby and a passion so thats understandable if he has no time or just doesn't feel like it BUT it would be good if he update the "planned schedule date" just to know, although i know some people are being ass over everything he does so i would have probably done the same

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omg you are alive! i never lost hope but whew honestly you can take all the time you want ofc you have a life but it would be like... super appreciated if at times you just appear and say hi so that we know you are still there, ofc is just a request im doing you can do whatever you believe is better

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i just returned from a drinking with friend i was like half stunned and i just log on and see feed notification? "mmh lets see... Shelter!?!?!? wtf no way" so i was screaming like a lil hyped excited boy... at 5:00 am now, outside of causing me some problem, i just went and read it and again i was screaming i dont know its just too much of a good story. 
ah btw where can i hear the credit music? i kinda wanted to hear it before sleeping and reflect

edit: oh nevermind i found a way to hear it on my phone and fun fact i was so invested that i just continued to think about shelter

i remember the first public release of this vn and i thought it was cool, i kept following this and after every update it just became crazy better every time like seriously crazy. fucking. better. now it's totally out of mind totally love it crazy good story and character really, wow.

i usually do that yeah dw saves are conserved in another directory so you can erase older version (or that's how it is for me at least)

it's so nice hearing about you, a bit sad it wasn't good news but i wish you good luck ^^

omg you are here :D ty

this is amazing i just... can't, just wow i don't know how to say it im soooooooooo thrilled about what's next i just created all my question and theories im so impatient pls help me XD

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at first i wasn't convinced since scholastic story are not my bread and butter but i totally had to reconsider, i really love all character and the story is interesting so far, absolutely recommended

im curious to see more i liked the start!

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oh that makes me curious ill be waiting and try for that 100%

no worry it was understandable and yeah you are right, i noticed that happening too

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ah i missed this info im sorry to hear that at the same time im happy to know i just need to be patient to continue this amazing story

edit: yeah ok i just read now last devlog dunno how i missed it

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part of me agree with you as, i would hardly downvote anything like this but... i don't think it's right to just call them bad, it's more simple than that, if you make a commitment to public (even if it's just a passion you share) for the sake of the quality you are bound to keep it, please don't misunderstand me here of course you aren't forced to do anything it's up to you BUT consequences are there of course, there are some who just downvote random based on their subjective opinion, but others do that with mind and objectiveness, think about it this way, if a friend draw you something would you be happy if he just draw 3/4 of it? i don't think so, but maybe im reading thing too much and it's just crappy people, that i can't know

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it's actually nice to see this, i was wondering what happened to limits seeing that it just need some patience it's a relief i really grew attached to this (and trust me when i say that i barely remember things and if after some month i noticed something was missing means it hit hard on my brain XD) im really happy to know it's just a "see ya" and not a "goodbye"

yeah i know what you mean i did the same XD (even if actually i remember it at memory)

gorgeous job as always this is amazing

i don't understand why write this here in the first place and second you don't even know how the story/game is composed maybe this section it doesn't matter the previous decision or maybe it's just to make you feel more in the MC there are countless of hypothesis i can think of so yeah stop spitting random word on something you can't possibly know

ahhaah no problem you are doing really good it's my honest thinking