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Thanks for the follow bud! I'd love to talk about a collab or something. My strong suits are atmosphere, programming and modeling (to some extent) and I'm pretty good at coming up with general concepts for story but I fall short when it comes to details & tying it all together. I think we could compliment eachother quite well in that regard :)

Just thinking out loud! 

This game was something else. Almost lost my shit at the end.

Oh hell yes I'll check it out

Thanks for the love bud!

Fantastic game! I left some small critiques at the end of the video but overall, incredibly well-done. Definitely scared the pants off of me.

Played it, liked the concept. Reminds me of a First-Person "Don't Escape" 

Awesome game! Lots of great scary moments. I'm curious to know what exactly happened. 

Finished it :D 

I'm a huge fan of Lovecraft, especially At the Mountains of Madness. Your game is awesome so far! 

Probably one of the scariest demos I've played on this site so far. Truly horrifying. Well done and I'm very excited to see more!

Great job so far! I wish it was a little bit longer but fantastic work, especially with the Unity engine!

Excellent start! Loved the atmosphere.   I think some of the textures could use some work (particularly the walls) You should check out Quixel since they were acquired by Unreal

Fantastic game! The build up was really good and the whole game had me tense.

Thanks for playing! Please leave a review as it helps more than you know 😁

Thanks a bunch for hosting this jam!

Thanks a bunch for playing it! I've added some updates and implemented full nights 1-3 since you played it so if you ever fancy giving it another go, you're more than welcome to :) Also if you enjoyed it, please think of leaving me a rating :D

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I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Which version did you play? (did the zombies chase you through the cabin or did they just kill you if they stayed at the window too long)
Also if you wouldn't mind rating the game :) 

yeah I saw that. Unsurprising there isn't more with the name since it's just a play on "Cabin Fever"

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks so much for playing.

Thank you so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.

Theme hasn't been announced that I can see.

Here's something I'm using these for:

Not exactly, I just used a part of her attack & death animation to make it look like she's jumping.

Haha I figured you'd get a kick out of seeing her in action. She even has her own song now.  Let me know if you publish any more boss sprites - I'll definitely buy them!

If you're curious on how I'm using it, check her out:

This is such a cool asset. I'd love if you made more bosses that are "abominations" or lovecraftian style.