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/!\ I'm french, so I'm not an english speaker, sorry if mistakes were made /!\

I know that you made the game all alone because I followed the development on twitter and I really respect you for that but I'll try to talk about the game the most objectively as possible.

I bought and played the game on steam, I sincerely love it but to be honest, objectively, I think the game is a bit expensive for what it is... If it was at least even just 1 dollar less than the current price, I guess it could be more fair. I don't know if you plan to add more features in the futur but the main reason for that is because it seems to be a very repetitive game, once you understand how to play you have nothing else to do than discover new cards and use it. The only reason to continue to play the game for hours and hours is to find new cards, and once you get those cards, you just have to spam and play on the same maps again and again...

and I'm so sad that you didn't add any steam achievement yet ! :( For a repetitive game, it's just necessary...

Positive points  : 

- The card system is very good and interesting !

- The fact that we don't know what some cards really do at first so we have to continue playing to understand by our own/unlock the description.

-  All the particular/visual effects/projectiles were very well made,  it's cool and it make the game very fun (but sometimes it's too much confusing...).

- The game is very fluid and the character/the card system is very nice to play.

Suggestions : 

- add steam achievement please !!!

Anyway, I really appreciate the game and I hope you will add more features to make it more interesting.

Good job & congratulation !