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Howdy game developers,

I started an IRC channel for the jam. Please join! It'll be good to share your work and be inspired from the other people participating in the jam.

If you don't have an IRC client on your computer, you can use to chat.


Potioneer is a living world simulator where players do activities like planting gardens, making potions, talking to townsfolk, and exploring in real-time. If they play at 7:00AM in real life, it's 7:00AM in the game. Players are encouraged to play regularly to see their gardens grow and their relationships with the townsfolk change over time.

The game's localization should be fairly easy as I've made it a design go to have NO USER INTERFACE. This means that the way players interact with the virtual world of Potioneer is the same way that they'd interact with the real world. This means that if your potion is half full, it will actually look like it's half fun. If your plant is not healthy, it will not look healthy!

Please see my project on


Why no Linux? If it's Unity, it's just a button press away.