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Thank You! :D

Thank You! Pyramid Bloxx inspired me a lot. Yes, I'm working on Android version now, stay tuned! :)

pls. report all my games, especially Obludia, because i have there one enemy what looks similar to "Orko" from He-Man :) Oh, i forgot... One of the main character from Jet Set Knights looks similar to Shovel Knight. pls. report this, Thank You! :)

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My gfx are original made in Aseprite, but of course i have a lot of inspiration from internet. I never use assets, maybe are similar but not stolen. :) If you want to learn some pixel-art, visit my Twitch channel.

Thank You! :)

I hope soon :)

Thank You! :)

Thanks! :)

Thank You! :)

Thank You!

Thank You Ryan! :D

Great little game! Thumbs Up!  :)

The latest version on Steam have OFF steam overlay function (temporarily). I did this update because some players could not turn the game on, only the black screen was appeared on steam.