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this certainly is a satoru gojo backshot simulator

you definitely knew what you wanted to make, and you made it

Really fun!
Also I am a bit scared to see what a 5/5 from you would be

How do I add a thumbnail image for my game?

this was fun 1p but the final puzzle was kind of janky and i think i might have found an unintended solution

Alright then!

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to be clear, i will not get this pack for free if i buy the main book now?

I want to buy the bundle but can't figure out where it is



now that that bug is fixed, i had a lot of fun with the game
also, to any who read the HR log about the furry convention, may this be a lesson: Don't fuck with us.

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Here's what the game looks like when I launch it.

Here's what it looks like after I click the fullscreen button.

Here is an example of a pair of nodes that I can't leave because only the other node is adjacent and onscreen. This is after I botched a node, but I've run into other scenarios where I can't progress when I haven't failed any. 
I'm not sure how I got into this pair of nodes. It might have involved screen scroll, like, I exploited the slow scroll to click on the node before it left the screen.

i think that my monitor size is messing with the game
when i'm crawling there are paths to offscreen nodes, and i exhaust all the nodes that i can reach before finding any paydata

this is a game deserving of more than 3 days of effort

This was a good read
And quite a complex Twine, from a technical perspective, so kudos for that

how do i use the unlock code

~~Endgame spoilers below~~

What determines which ending you get, specifically regarding burning vs. not burning down the cottage?

~~End spoilers~~

Ironically, I actually ended up taking notes on the mythohistory of the place to make sure I didn't mess up the ritual.

Probably not enough for a report, though.

This game had a lot of good dialogue, and slowly discovering just how terrible and annoying Parsnip is to everyone was a unique and wonderful experience. The animation was great too.

My two major complaints are that there's no music, and that Parsnip's idle animation has him moving too much, but it looks like you fixed both of these issues in the sequel(s).