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me neither honestly ❤️❤️❤️

aeeeee, yup its set in small town New Zealand (our team live here)!! it defs colours the manner in which some things play out w/ the story, but its a sort of easter egg too, lol! thks sm for playing <3<3

🔥🔥🔥 ahhhHHHHhHHH. phew. holy heck.ur beautiful comment killd + ressurected me. thanks sm 4 ur spicy kind words and spaghetti threats l0l. promise the full version is coming along (slow bt steady). appreci8 ur compliments on the sprites + setting, i was actually partially inspired by pokemon romhacks i played as a kid,, so love that it makes u want 2 go play those in gremlin mode ((do a nuzlocke i dare u)) 💪🐸❤️ thank uu

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Hiiii, okay so once u have "made" the first key in the graveyard (you've found 3 pieces from the big angel statues) it will unlock the left-most crypt of the pair of crypts near the *top right* of the graveyard map. Hope that helps. Will aim 2 make this section a bit clearer in an update probably!! Thx 4 playing ❤️❤️

eee, thanks sm, im excited too!!! (✿◠‿◠) 🐛🐛

💪🐸❤️❤️ thank u

Hiya!!! to change you clothes you gotta interact with the chest of drawers in Ken's room (top left with a TV on it) and select "Get dressed" after u get prompted. hope that helps <3

ahhh, thx very much! gotta make it perfect and tasty!!! <3

❤️ ayo!! thanks so much 4 the thoughtful comment! full version will be abt twice as looong (this demo is 1/2 the game). bt i have plans for sequels!! thx 4 the feedback on the collision, its something id like 2 clean up in the full vers as well!!

and yeah - it takes place in a small town in New Zealand in 2007 (bt kept slightly ambiguous) 💪🐸

w00000ot! yeAAAAaaa!!!! 💪🐸💪🐸

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank u 4 playing and enjoying!!! dont cry!!! moar is on the waaaay~

gosh. omg. thank u for the extremely lovely rant, its so validating + uplifting to hear... we're defs mindful that we want 2 stay tru to ourselves && our core process. its rlly lovely hearing that it resonates with u and you can see our passion and approach to creating. appreci8 you sm. gonna have to print your comment out and stick it on the fridge <3<3

thank u, appreciate ur support, we cant wait to release it all either!!! gonna b gooooood

blushing. thank u sm. that;s extremely kind, and honestly the biggest compliment ❤️❤️

❤️ that's right!!! looking at end of 2023 / beginning of 2024. gotta make sure it's not rushed :D

yo! thanks, glad u enjoyed! we'll set smn up so the full version can be started from the endpoint of the demo (✿◠‿◠)

thank u!! really glad you enjoyed it, thx for being patient for the full versionne ❤️❤️❤️

yussss, thank u, means a lot coming from a kiwi dev, ((rawr))! mega appreciate the kind words + support 💪🐸💪🐸

glad u enjoyed the demo (sorry it got u in ur feels hah ❤️). digital version will be cheapish, physical cart release (deluxe edition) might be bit moar $$$ depending on the manufacturing co$ts

omg thank u sm for bug reporting this!!! 🐛🐛

its super rare bt yeah it's a wild glitch (probably a speed running strat). i'll do my best to recreate + fix it asap. apologies for inconvenience. if u change the order u tidy your room (for now) I think that's a workaround! will keep u posted <3

When the full version comes out u can still play it in-browser on andriod!!! or u can download the .rom & play using a GameBoy emulator frm the AppStore ❤️🐸❤️

thanks! i really reaaaaally like the Playdate, that's a super cool suggestion. if not a port then a sequel/prequel/vignette might b a cool option 👀👀

thank u sm! high praise that it made u kick ur feet lol!

in terms of android version 4 download, technically u could grab the rom and play it on a GB emulator on p. much any smart phone!!! but yea standalone vers could maybe b possible, will think on it 💪🐸

hey, thnks for this incredible write up. so pleased u enjoyed the experience ((the analogue pocket is amazing, such a joy to play on, hecck)). very keen on doing a physical release w/ extras + goodies. will 100% include a chapter select w/ that, too so ppl can skip to the new content!! it's still a wee ways off, but rlly want to make it special. thx again ❤️❤️

thanks sm! sorry u got a lil lost, hahaa! glad u enjoyed the experience tho ❤️ & ty for the very kind words 💪🐸

so stoked 2 hear this evoked the 2000's NZ vibes, heck yea!! & super nice 2 have some1 in Ōtautahi stumble upon it. ❤️

defs intending on making physical carts w/ the full vers is out!! thanks for ur support (✿◠‿◠)

❤️ yooo, thank u sm! rly appreciate the wishlist. working hard on puttin the final chapter 2gether!! 💪🐸

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ayo, thank u sm! having the characters feel honest is legit the nicest compliment!! ❤️

iirc the pixel font is our slightly edited variant of the thicc monospace ASCII font tht comes w/ default GB Studio (òᴥó)

heck yea!! glad u + ur BF enjoyed, tysm!!! ❤️❤️

👀👀 wicked!! if u drop us an email here: we can reach out 2 u if/when we start looking @ translation, defs keen! ❤️

🐸🙏 yoooo, thx for supporting indie devs!

complete version will be on steam bt *ALSO* here on itch too. + we'll b looking in2 merch and a physical/deluxe version as well, so therell a few diff options to support the game!! ❤️❤️

❤️ omg heck, sorry 4 tricking u by making the demo long & somewhat cliffhanger-y (hehehe). glad 2 hear u got super invested tho, ty ty!!

❤️ exactly!! truly those r the 3 pillars of any gr8 story (✿◠‿◠)

aH, thats so nice, thank u sm!!! (❤️🥁 padam padam as they say)

all good!! its an area tht could do w/ a bit of clarification, so happy 2 get ur input on it!!

& really glad u enjoyed! full version IS coming, promise. will be ~around~ end of 2023 ideally 🔥🔥

thank u!! this game luvs u 2 ❤️❤️

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hiya jayyay01! sorry u got stuck here, basically if u walk str8 down 2 the bottom of the screen ur able to leave this area (the lads dont climb back up).

appreciate u mentioning this tho, will 100% make the exit for this section more clear!! cheers ❤️

\(ᵔᵕᵔ)/ heck yea!! thnks sm, can't wait 2 share the rest of it!!

thank u s00o much glad u enjoyed!! make sure u dont run out of texts tho ❤️🔥❤️🔥

yooo, thank u so much for saying that, much appreciated ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

tbh: considerd making the bullet hell easierrr, bt now that ppl have spent ages beating it i feel like it has 2 stay hard & horrible 5ever, hahaa