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FESTIVE LOL This was a lot of fun to do 

This was a lot of fun, I'm calling it Bootleg cyberpunk LOL 

I had the same issue, i think its a bug

Played the new update, only issue was the end boss was unable to take damage no matter what I did. Other than that it was a very fun to hack and slash my way through. Looking forward to the updates 

I'd say this is proof pineapples don't belong on pizza LOL    

I had a lot of fun playing this. The sounds are amazing, the title screen actually got me on it. I have a window right next to my blue screen and it really sounded like someone tappin on it LOL I left it in the vid 

Something  about a space cat chopping up unicorns!! Graphics are a lot like Borderlands and the combos resemble Devil May Cry. I'm enjoying this already! This is a very well polished demo.

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LOL this was actually a lot more fun than expected. Being able to shake the baby and drop him was both fun and sad at the same time... which made it even more hilarious for me. Here's the vid I made from it if you wanna watch it. 

Very great short game... Entering the keypad got me as I was too slow a few times LOL 

This like totally reliable delivery service and human fall flat had a small baby! I would love to see this expand! Here is my experience on it. 

This was a great game I thoroughly like it! Although I have a different take on whats happening in the game... I pieced this theory together further into the game.  

This game was a bit hard... I kinda raged here and there LOL but I do love a good challenging game. 

You may need a diaper towards the end... just a heads up LOL 

Amazing, I love the idea and the way it kept progressing into horror. So many people got scared watching it LOL 

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LOVED IT!!! I cant wait for more! The subs highly enjoyed it as well. I hope they snag it up from steam too.  

This was really good! The progression through the game and the wacky story line behind it... Total greatness!! 

AMAZING  I never expected it to take the crazy turns that it did... 

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This was great. I was very intrigued by the sounds and interesting marks once I was inside the house. I did get lost a few times trying to find the house though LOL