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This is a lovely, pensive game. Perfect for a quiet evening!

Aw this was really nice! (at least the way things went for me) Lovely little game =)

Mmm, so good. You succeeded at making me hungry, thanks! =)

Ace Jam community · Created a new topic Attunement

I just submitted Attunement to the AceJam! There's still a bit of time before the deadline, so if anyone would like to try the game, I'd love some feedback (and let me know if you want to be credited as a tester!).

Anaïs' monthly ritual, used to strengthens the bonds with her magical items, is interrupted by her partner Grant. Rather than put it off, she decides to continue, and use it as an opportunity to tell him a bit more about herself, as she created the items during moments of personal realization and change. Among these are the first time something magical happened to her and her first inkling that she might be asexual. 

Attunement is a twine game, and takes 20-30 minutes to play.

I love it! The movement is different but still intuitive and the game itself is lovely =)

Really enjoyed the game =) A couple of things I've seen on my walks (sorry if they're already in the game and I didn't see them!) - old shoe, interesting cloud, lost tourist, broken fence, nice-smelling lavender bushes, piles of leaves, camper van, lost scarf/gloves.

I had fun playing this! I haven't found the last combination yet, but I like the experimentation.

I managed to impress my mom a bit more this time, but at what price? My poor, ketchup-covered socks may never be white again... (PS- I liked the game!)

I like this kind of hectic fun! I think I'm just about getting the hang of being human, now to see if I can do more than just listen...

Quick and cute, I like it! It's one of those games where it took me until the end to understand certain things, but they were required to finish the levels, so it worked well!

I'm having a lot of fun with this =) The periodic rearranging of items solved my early misfiring problems (I seem to throw things at corners a lot and then have trouble getting them back out), and now I think my aim is getting a bit better =P