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The jam has officially started! If you'd like to join us in brainstorming and working together, come on by the discord whenever you get a chance!

Hey all! Congrats on taking part in our first Learning Jam! I hope everyone learned something new!

I'm gonna be spending some time tonight to play everyone's games.  I'll try to leave comments on all of em!

If anyone has any feedback about the jam, I'm open to suggestions! I want to  make sure the next one is even better!

Thanks again for jamming!


Looks awesome, dudes! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

How's everyone doing? If you got any short questions here, let em fly! If I get enough, I'll make an FAQ here at the top.

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Neither of these tutorials are specifically for a Pong or Breakout clone, but they're the ones that have worked out the best for me in the past.

Shaun Spalding has a ton of videos on GMS 1 and GMS 2. I recommend the complete platformer tutorial.

Nathan Ranney did a great basic tutorial for GMS 2. This is by far my favorite starting point.

Feel free to link other useful tutorials and I'll check em out and maybe add them to the list!