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This makes me very happy 111/10 will wiggle again

You're welcome :) thanks for making such a cool game!

Love love love this!

Thank you so much for your comment! I agree that it's pretty relatable at this point in time, maybe that's why I decided to turn this particular short story of mine into a game now.

I hope so too :)

Very nice - love the colours! And the animation of the grass looks great!

This was beautiful. Space Bubble Cat is so charming and relatable and the game made me feel very emotional. Thank you for sharing!

An amazing game, funny and smart and a very interesting experience. A must play.

Thank you so much for your lovely words. I would love to keep working on this game and expanding it further as I kept it quite simple in order to meet the deadline of the jam. I think I will keep going, thank you :)

A beautiful game with gorgeous art and music and a wonderful message.

What a gorgeous game - loved the atmosphere and the colours and the story. Very powerful.

This game is brilliant - it creates such an intriguing atmosphere and you really feel for the boy as he continues his journey. Loved the art and aesthetic of Afterwards as well as the music and ambient wind sounds. The poetry was amazing too, so expressive!