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I'm aware of the permadeath mechanic and will continue to play your game more. I'll give you more feedback in time and thanks for replying so quickly.

I did not die but decided to save my game until later. However when I reloaded the game I couldn't find a reload option or any sign of my previous save. I consider myself a long time gamer and know how to save and load:)


Ananias Roguelike community · Created a new topic Save game

Hi there,

I've played a little of the game so far and like what I see and the simplicity of it. However when I created a character and then saved the game and reloaded, I couldn't find my save file. Is this a bug or something I'm missing?

Thank you

I  didn't get any error displayed. It seemed like the game try to start and then nothing. I do have an integrated graphics but I have uninstalled the game now. Thanks anyway.

I have just installed demo for windows 10,  it won't start for whatever reason. Please sort this out thank you.

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Everytime I look at Hiryuu he seems like he's on a mobile phone . It's the  way he's holding the clipboard to his face lol, maye a design change is due?

I enjoyed the music throughout, the writing seems sparse in places, some of the male characters hairstyles and bulid look very feminine though, more manly looking perhaps?

The background art has potential and I like the small amount of colour backgrounds so far. I know more writing is needed and this is a work in progress still but please give more character interaction, responses etc.

I would like to see some action screenshots of the monsters though although it is a demo, perhaps in full game. Overall it's a good start, has potential going forward and I look forward to seeing its development and release. Good luck!