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Heya, thanks for the tip! I'm actually working on an online database called Joyfair ( and have some plans to add an improved challenge generator at some point. I'll review all the feedback posted here once that feature is closer to completion.

Apologies for the late reply but thank you!

Thank you! Yeahhh its p bad haha. We couldn't get the UI working in time so everything feels a bit cluttered, but I'm glad you gave it a try. :) Cheers!

Neat idea!

Yeah pretty much. Oh well; still a ways to go. :P

That's really nice of you; thanks. :)

Motivation's been a bit of an issue with my current project, but not so much with Conception. I made it within a time limit so its pretty much staying where it is for at least a year or so-- I'm terrible at programming so even getting Conception to the state its in was really difficult. Though I pretty much pulled all-nighters for it, most of it was spent on research. And a lot of the code was repetitive and tedious, so even that wasn't so bad.

The current project, though... I've already spent maybe half a year on design, art, and user research, but the programming is the biggest hurdle and motivation killer. ._. It's not my thing at all. I'll admit that its helping me think more logically though.

Thank you! :]

I've gotten that suggestion more than once, and I'm definitely going to add a feature like that by the time the final iteration is done. Honestly though, it might be a long while until that happens. Only gave myself a month or so to make it, and then stopped from there, leaving me very little time to put what IS in there. When I use it, I have to deal with Photoshop nonsense in the same way that you do, and its a huge pain. I'm sorry it won't be updated soon, so please bear with it for now! D:

It's definitely more difficult than it looks. Wow! I'll start with what the team did well, and then what could've been improved (made in 72 hours, but customers/players are still your biggest critics).

+Simple yet challenging remains the best way to go. The controls are easy to grasp, making feedback to the player that much easier to convey. Swing sword, kill stuff, move stubby legs, have fun.

-Early on, and for a moment, it's easy to forget how to even move. Fascinating and unique mechanics come at the cost of having to memorize what a button press does. Having the controls on the screen for a few moments longer would have helped.

+The music fits surprisingly well with the game's aesthetic. The sound didn't stand out from the game in any way. Layered soundtracks helped keep the game fresh halfway into the playthrough. The animation is also very clean and simple, and helps get the message across with a nice dose of cuteness. :D

-Wasn't obvious on how to progress from room to room. Moved slowly from room to room due to accidentally swinging the sword across the statues, without knowing that I had done so. Was expecting the next room to generate itself after I killed enough enemies. Having the statue stand out more, like the sword, would have helped make the connection better.

+Enemy variety scales well with the sword. In the context of other games, a player faces new enemies as a way to challenge the player with new skills they've gained. In this case, it's a longer sword. Ranged enemies and fast-moving ones are great additions to get the player to think, "oh. I might actually die here" while feeling like the game is still fair.

Slash Quest has the potential to do really well market-wise, possibly mobile rather than PC. I'd really look forward to playing a legit release of this. Thanks for the suggestion, André, and thanks to Big Green Pillow! :]

You can vote for the game by clicking here. Whoooops.