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Aside from the sync feeling a little off (and perhaps a tad too slow of a beat for my taste), it's very solid and I'm excited to see more in the future!

This is wonderful <3. Any plans for a Game Boy Color port? :P

I love how charming this game is. It reminds me of CN's Cartoon Resort flash games. Very cute and lewd fun!

I like it, but it's definitely not something that hasn't been made a bunch before, just with a slightly lewd premise to it. I think it just needs a bit more something to make it stand out amongst the rest!

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I'd love to try this out, but when i jump in, it makes me spin in circles for no reason @_@. Like if i was spinning in an office chair. I'm using an Oculus btw.

EDIT: Found out the reason. vJoy likes to mess with programs and throw in a joystick input for no reason. Just deleted that and the problem went away. Very cool game!