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Fly in the Sky

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Thank you for this   magnificent pack that i didn't  hesitate to buy and  which makes  us  refund the first pokemon game , can you make other  packs like this one  with house interiors,  arenas,caves etc ...and packs of characters ?

Discord : Riku77#3366

add me as a friend on discord to show you, i speak french, sorry for my english

Hello, when are you going to release the new my pixel world packs, please give us a date

Hello my friend, I really like your tileset, I am making a commercial monster catching game and I am looking for a pixel artist to create the different backgrounds of the game. Are you interested in this?

and also adding the different bust of the characters would be nice,

hello I come to buy this pack, can you make other additions, more buildings, more cave, a volcano, a big boat, islands etc ...

I love this pack will you make others with more characters and houses of snow sand caves etc ...