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I've sunk hours into the game and it's been nothing but smooth sailing for me though I do recomend playing windowed

I followed you for that exact reason ^^

This game is tied with OFF as my all time favorite game. The story is very interesting and the visuals are exactly what I like.

will  do ^^

can we still dl the original

a fun little nonogram game cute characters to also suprising amount of magic lore for such a short game 10 out of 10 worth more than 3 bucks to me

100% accurate

Your welcome ^^ and OFF is free so it is really accessible

A truly unique soundtrack.
Tied with the OFF soundtrack as my favorite video game soundtrack.

If you like atmospheric and electronic music check it out.

This is the best perches I have ever made. I had been questioning my gender for years and this book helped fully crack my egg. Thank you so much for this awesome story.

Your welcome :)

2064 is the most up to date and feature rich. That is the one I would recommend. The legacy is for those who like an old school style point and click.