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Adam Smith

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Yo I added this to my FOSS game and I think it's going to really help encourage people to make there own art. Appreciate it man!

Cool game! Lot of really complicated tech going on here so I'm super impressed you made this in a weekend

All good charlmes! 

Appreciate it evolvgames! Glad you enjoyed the quirkiness!

One of the few times I've played a game where I wanted to keep beating my high score! :D

Really digging the atmosphere and sprite work. I did notice that one of the robots started to attack me while my character was monologing which was really annoying but other than that this looks really promising. Best of luck making this a complete game!

Love the weight each attack has and rolling behind an enemy is really satisfying!

Love the aesthetics and gameplay! Definitely will have to check out more of your work.

I will definitely have to check out more of your work after playing this. I love minimalist graphics and color palette. This game is super adorable.

Always love the color pallets you use in your games. Gameplay was wonderfully simple

Cute game with some solid potential. The overworld music wasn't my cup of tea but awesome work!

Unsettling atmosphere with a great aesthtic. Super cool that this works on browser.

Holy crap this is awesome. You really captured the aesthetic of 3D games on the DS. Reminds me a lot of playing Metroid Prime Hunters on my way to school. 

Thanks Bon! Glad to see people enjoy my game even if they're not a fan of football. Definitely could have incorporated more sci fi elements so I appreciate your feedback.

The color scheme is really cozy and the space/ocean world is unique in a wonderfuly simplistic way.

Thank you so much Legion! A big focus for this game was trying to get people who typically don't like choose your own story games to enjoy it and also people who aren't big football fans to have fun playing my game as well. It was a fun to make and glad you enjoyed my bizarre writing style. Not sure why the Walter Payton's image didn't export but I'll look into that. 

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it skrolikowski!

Thank you so much! I've been toying around with some beats but we'll see. 

Thank you for the feedback Corrupted! It's certainly a niche game but I do plan on adding more unique mechanics to later titles but I still plan on focusing on the Choose Your Own Adventure route. This was more of a test to see if I could actually get a game published and enjoy the development process. 

Thank you so much Toolkitman! I had a lot of fun making it so glad you enjoyed it.

Really digging all the complex physics systems I imagine you had to use to make this game. Also super cool that you got this to work on the Unity Browser version.