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It's been so many months and this boy still somehow manages to be the most endearing person on earth. I'm beyond excited for this.

*distant incoherent screeching*

Even after the rewrite, L and S somehow still manage to have my whole heart. I very much like how immersive this game is, and I continue to wait with bated breath for what comes next! :)

This made me laugh for 20 minutes because, I kid you not, almost this exact conversation happened between me and my brother (I'm genderfluid!). The only difference was that he had hidden the batteries to the tv remote. Wish I could give this comment more than one like. 


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Slight spoilers ig!

Its the "Dilf Alert" for me I'm fcking SCREAMING lmao! XDD I'm already so in love.

First 5 minutes of the game and already a huge plot twist I was not expecting. Im very excited for the full game. 

I've been searching for something like this since Blooming Panic and you have no clue how happy I am that I fiNALLY FOUND IT- I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! TwT

YES, HE IS! My heart is too soft for this. 

Is there an option to end up with more than one RO? Because Milo and Gabriel have my whole heart. 0w0 

Take your time! Mental health takes priority over everything else. :)

Haven't even played the game yet. And already just...Lonan supremacy. 

Aeran angst was not something I knew I needed in my life. It hurts. It hurts so good. ToT

Hello? Let's get?? This bread ????

I haven't even played the game yet and Sparky already has my entire heart. 

I have had Ruby for about a day and a half. But I would already actually die for her. This is my child. And anyone who decides to put their hands on my child will be dealt with accordingly. :) Anyway, fantastic update. I can't wait for the next one! 

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Many new things to take from this. If you haven't played yet, spoilers ahead. I highly recommend playing the game before reading this. Anyways, here are my thoughts on "The Numbers Game" so far. This is gonna be super long so if you care enough to read pls bear with me.  This is just my personal opinion so no one come at me for it.

We start the game right off with character customization which might I add is wonderfully extensive. The customization not only addresses pronouns, gender, and every physical aspect of the characters appearance, but also disabilities and mental triggers as well. That's very cool. I decided to go for a more timid main character on my first play through and you can really see how the customization affects your MC's actions.  For example, if you choose "tendency to fidget" during the customization process, your character will show signs of a preference for complete use of their hands as well as a need for something to do with them during stressful situations. I look forward to seeing how other aspects of your MC's personality and quirks will play into the story.  Now for my opinions on each of the characters so far. Zero is probably my favorite right now only because they treat your MC with so much kindness. The MC is clearly suffering from amnesia, and they take that into account when interacting with you. Not to mention I'm a sucker for the soft leader types. Even when you choose to keep your past relationship with Zero platonic, it's obvious they care about you a lot and I look forward to seeing what exactly happened between them and the MC.  I don't like One for obvious reasons. Knocking someone out while they're in the middle of a panic attack is...not ideal. To say the least. They seem like a wild little punk though, so I have a feeling they'll win me over really soon lol. We haven't really seen enough of the other characters yet for me to make any real opinion on them. Three seems cold and sarcastic which will definitely make for some hilarious dialogue in the future. And I haven't quite figured out Five yet. How they act seems to almost directly contradict how the games description portrays them. But its only chapter one so I suppose anything could happen. I like the fact that we didn't see every aspect of each character in the first chapter. That leaves you looking forward to finding out more in the next one. Plus, the alternative would have felt really rushed and forced which you obviously don't want from a storytelling perspective. To put it simply, this way makes the characters more interesting. The Boss is another character that was introduced and right from the get-go he's terrifying. He's cold and imposing and treats you more like an object than a person. MC shows very clear signs of emotional trauma the second they see him despite having no memory, and that only intrigues me further. What the heck did this man do to you? Overall, I am very satisfied with how this story is written. The only critique I have so far is the slightly unrealistic pacifistic nature of the MC.  I understand not wanting to give the main character the option to engage in violence (writing fight scenes can be a real pain and not everyone has an affinity for them) but I still don't like how the situation with One was handled.  It feels like we brushed off what they did to us waaay too easily. I understand not giving the mc the capability to intentionally hurt the cast, but I feel like that becomes a problem when the cast can very much intentionally hurt you. There's just a very concerning lack of self-defense options there. I just hope that in the future we can address that somehow, because if not it leaves a pretty big hole in One's development as a character (and their development with you if you choose that route). Again though, its only chapter one so anything could happen. Anyways that's all I have to offer. Overall, 4.5/5 stars. This game has so much potential already and I cant wait to see where it goes from here. So excited for the next update!

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Oof ok. My review on this update is going to be super freakin long. I'll post it under this comment so anyone who wants to read it can. Anyways. I loved it! I'm so curious now. And so excited! And I still very much dislike One! Can't wait for the next update!

Not gonna lie. I cried. This was beautiful. 

Me: *sees the game is 20 dollars and goes to sulk in a corner because I only have 15*

Me not even 24 hours later: *see's the game is on sale for 12 dollars and runs into a door frame on my way downstairs to find my wallet*  

Me at the end of the second chapter: You couldn't possibly make me hate Rohan more than I already do.

nyehilism: Challenge accepted :) 

I'm not anywhere near ready for the heartache I'm sure this story is going to bring me. But my IF obsession is still going strong, so I guess it's time to strap in.

Oh, look the tears have started. :) This was phenomenal. The writing really drove home grief the mc was feeling and I actually teared up a few times. Keep up the good work! 

I have only two things to say here. 1.) OL has my whole heart and soul.  2.) I've known Tamarack and Qiu for about 15 minutes and if anything happened to them, I would turn the entire world to ash. 

Update. I've played the game. I laughed and cooed the whole time. This had no right to make me feel so warm inside. TwT

I haven't even played the game yet, but the two screenshots showing the shaved ice plan made me laugh so hard I choked on my ramen. So, I decided I have to play now. 

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Ayo who else here is back from 2020? 

Imagine not being in love with Xelef. Lol can't relate- 

Update: "flirt with death-"  Me: Say less- 

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Got the poly ending first try. Very cute much love :3

Lmao I wish I could give this comment more than one like XD

AHHHHH YAY. So happy to see you again. :))

I see you everywhere- XD

Im firmly addicted to Our Life, and I need more content to avoid withdraw symptoms. I'm broke as heck but I'm desperate so I'm heading to Patreon! 


Lmao you make a fine point my friend.

Found a little bug. Near the end of the prologue whenever someone says your name, the game says "Name" instead of the name you typed at the beginning. Just thought I'd let you know. Anyway, adorable game so far. Dagon already has my whole heart. I look forward to seeing how this progresses. 

Can't wait for the next update to come out so I can hopefully punch that guy right back. :)

Here from 2022 still patiently waiting for the next update because this game makes me very happy. I love your work and Im very excited to see what else you have to offer! :)