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MC x Owen! MC x Tai!! I love them your honor!! 😭 They’re both so protective I just Ahhhhhhh. I neeeed more pls I’m so invested.

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Not to be dramatic or anything. But I would take a bullet for Helios. My MC has so much trauma but at the same time if Helios bad, why pretty? Also slight spoilers but getting to slap Luceris across the face like the little b!tch he is was quiet possibly the highlight of my entire year. 

GOD DAMN IT. CLIFF HANGERS. WE GET CRUMBS OF PAIN AND SUFFERING AND THEN WE GET A CLIFF HANGER. I HATE IT HERE. (I don’t I love this If I’m just way too emotionally invested at this point.) 

Pls it’s officially been over a year since the last update I neeeed to know if this is abandoned or not. I love these guys so much I don’t want them to be gone  😭😭😭😭😭

Annnd another banger IF added to the list of things that’s gonna take a good chunk of my near future. This is already so good I’m hooked. Zero is lovely and Vincent seems like a bit of a brat. I already love them both. Does Vincent happen to be the other person in Zero’s poly Route? Cause if so I’m obsessed with them. 

Just finished the demo and I’m actually shrieking at that illegal cliff hanger. More when????


The way I’m straight up about to hook up with my ex’s brother just to get revenge and overthrow him is crazy. This is my villain origin story, and dragging Helene within 3 seconds of meeting her was my canon event- 💀💀


Frothing at the god damn mouth over this game. FICTIONAL MEN EVERYONE. LITERALLY DYING FROM HOW CUTE THIS IS. I will be buying the dlc and the plushie. And you can expect to hear from my lawyer when I sue you for putting me in cardiac arrest. Much love! Epilogue DLC when!? 

Llamagirl: We’ve got lots of love interests here for you! 
Me: Ooooh yes please show me the selection 🙏🏼 Llamagirl: Ok so we got sweet and innocent Gawain, childhood-crush Nimue, strong and passionate Elaine, and lots of other good LI’s for you to- 

Galahad: I hope you and your entire bloodline burn in the fiery trenches of Tartarus where I never again have to be defiled by your filth. Shrivel up and die TRASH. 

Me:….That one.
Llamagirl: WHA-????

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I've had Hawk for about 6 minutes but if anything ever happened to them, I would kill everyone in this comment section and then myself. 

When 2023 is about to end and you're still holding on to the desperate hope that your favorite IF will update.

People get murdered and mugged out there. I'm good where I am thanks.  T^T

Emotionally distraught Milo romancers where you at? 🥲✋🏾

Do I hate Micah? No not at all. I can respect we have a difference in lifestyle, and they slay. Am I still going to have a blast fcking with their marriage and stealing Taylor like the petty little shit I am? ...Yes. Yes I am. 

Ooooh I can already tell this is going to be a whole unbridled bundle of angst isn’t it? Cant say I’m not here for it. 


Guys I’m not ready. I’m so unprepared pls- 

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I have every intention to make my MC the most jittery, nervous, unintentionally adorable person in this town. I will become Baby TM and nothing is going to stop me. All that aside, this is incredibly immersive and I’m hooked.

I’m shaking in anticipation. Maybe I’m a little insane in the membrane myself but I just want to get to killing people already! And maybe smooching a person or two along the way thank you. 

Them💕. Just. Them😭.  Veo or Thiktor anyone? 

Felix: I like it when you're mean. Me: AYO??????? 

1000000/10 update but daaaammn. Felix is freaky as hell- XD

*Light spoilers maybe?? 

"You have met this monster, but he is not yet aware he is an option. You however, are clearly aware." Lmao yeah. Thats usually how it goes for me. 

Raise your hand if you figured out where this story was going after the 3rd chapter lol. Still this was so cute and so bittersweet. I loved it so much. 10/10 game. 

WTF WAS THAT ENDING????? I came out here for serotonin and got sadness and death instead. Warn me jesus. As always. 100/10 update I loved it so much. Florian is bby girl material. I dont make the rules. 

Im so sorry Harlow. I know you've probably been through a lot lately. But wtf???? That is not how you start a conversation. And on top of that Viktor's gonna flip when he realizes MC is gone. Amazing update as usual. Looking forward to the next. 

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Romancing Wingding is a trip ya'll. As usual. 1000/10 update. I wait with baited breath for the next one.

Fight? 👀 

Would love if the non-verbal options were expanded more. I’m selectively mute myself so that would be cool. Anyways, amazing writing as always. Max 🥺💕

This RO probably isn’t as popular, but let me just say. I’ve had Loche for one(1) hour and if anything ever happened to them I would kill everyone in this room and then myself. 

Sloan made me want to punch them within the first 20 seconds of meeting them, so of course I’ve gotta romance them now 😒


I. Love. DRAGONS!!!

These are always so good its uncanny-

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I managed to get out! I dont remember much of how exactly I did it. I just thought of the fog as a confined space. When you get to the part where you have the choice to click North, East, South, or West, you’re in the middle of the fog. Pick a direction to find items you need to advance. I believe the gate to leave the area is in the East but you have to find the key first. That’s all I got for ya.

Quick question? Will flirting with more than one of them effect their opinion on you? I can't choose between Leese/Lea and Gabriel so I've just been flirting with them both. But I dont wanna do that if it'll cause a bad ending. :( 

Oh hey nice to see this fandom is still alive and kicking.

I love my funny bone man so fcking much T-T